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Unique Business Proposition

Yuliya Bilous

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  • Modest investments with high earning potential Investment in our franchise has a low entry barrier with fast payback and operational profitability
  • Teacher support Provision of teacher training; webinars with detailed instructions and q&a sessions
  • Own unique IT-platform Featuring monitoring of each student's progress (LMS) and the quality of teaching
  • A strong team of programmers and methodologists Unique methods, psychologists, teachers; continuous improvement of courses; translation of educational materials
  • Personal account manager and all necessary materials Open a franchise with step-by-step instructions accompanied by a personal account manager
Yuliya Bilous

Yuliya Bilous will be managing your enquiry.

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About Algorithmics

Award-winning educational company Algorithmics is one of the largest international programming schools for kids & teens. Algorithmics offers a fun and easy way of learning programming for everyone - kids, teachers and our partners. The quality of our program permits it to be implemented worldwide. We now have more than 120 Algorithmics franchisees with over 150,000 students all over the world.

In modern times, we are surrounded by technology - from smartphones to self-driving cars. Our children grow up in a world where it is difficult to imagine their life without a basic knowledge of technology. But we have gone further and offer you to give your children an opportunity to become a part of future technology inventions themselves.

Business Formats:

  • Single location: Opportunity to open one Algorithmics center
  • Local franchise: Operate in one region (city, province, county) - unlimited number of Algorithmics centers in a certain area
  • Master franchise: Operate in the entire country and sell sub-franchises
Algorithmics class requirements:
  • no less than 30 sq.m.
  • has windows
  • not 1st floor
  • assessable to public
We teach children in small groups of 10 to 12 people. Classes are held in the classroom with the presence of the teacher once a week. At the same time, children have permanent access to the online platform developed by Algorithmics and can perform tasks that are not performed in the classroom. The IT platform itself contains everything necessary to organize and prepare the classes, as well, as to monitor your teachers and clients.

Income Streams:
  • Algorithmics Centers
  • SaaS: collaboration with local schools integrating Algorithmics program into school curriculum in certain country
The main advantage of our franchise is that it presents a structure that allows you to open more than one business in a short time as well as a complete network of schools in the same city.

The high profitability of the business and the absence of a large capital expenditures allow to start to make a profit in a few months and recover the investment in the first year.

Training & Support:

We provide our partners with everything they need:
  • A step-by-step startup algorithm for launching our programming school and support at each step
  • The technology for marketing and sales
  • Personal account manager support
  • Teacher training
  • Language support


Investor Profile

Our ideal candidate

  • Is ready to devote themselves fully to the development of the franchise
  • Wants to teach programming to as many kids as possible and develop a 21st century skill set in children
  • Is aiming for a maximum number of locations
  • Is willing to join multi-billion strong education industry
  • Wants to make a difference


  • GCC
  • MENA
  • Turkey
  • Worldwide


  • Russian Federation (208)
  • Azerbaijan (123)
  • Ukraine (22)
  • Australia (15)
  • Kazakhstan (8)
  • Uzbekistan (3)
  • Ecuador (3)
  • USA (2)
  • India (2)
  • Cyprus (1)
  • Mexico (1)
  • Israel (1)
  • Belarus (1)
  • Spain (1)

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