Romeo’s Pizza (US) to Franchise in Nigeria

Romeo's Pizza, the award-winning franchise that offers pizza with a purpose, is making landfall in western Nigeria with an aggressive growth plan.

The international expansion is spearheaded by Ifeanyi Onwubiko, CEO of Irukka Online Limited, one of the largest audio equipment retailers in Nigeria that is also invested in a number of industry sectors throughout the country. The economic environment and engaged population of young people in the western city of Lagos make it the perfect fit for the first Romeo’s Pizza location set to open in Nigeria.

What drew Onwubiko to Romeo’s Pizza over competing pizza franchises is Romeo’s commitment to giving back to their customers, employees, and communities through their purpose-driven product and strategy. Onwubiko places great importance on Romeo’s franchisee-first focus and is confident that their franchising model and wealth of community initiatives will translate well in markets across Nigeria.

“Romeo’s Pizza is one of the fastest growing quick service restaurant franchises in the United States,” says Onwubiko, “And their drive to provide handcrafted excellence with every slice served is testament to that. We know that Romeo’s will make a big impact in Nigeria and are so excited to see where this partnership will take us.”

Onwubiko notes that the growth in both the size and purchasing power of the middle class has led to a direct increase in demand and profitability of the quick service restaurant industry in Nigeria. A number of international brands and companies have expanded their reach to Nigeria in recent years, many of which follow the model of franchising. Romeo’s Pizza may not be the first international pizza franchise to open locations in Nigeria, but it’s the first company to do so with a defined goal of providing ethical employment opportunities, community engagement efforts, and pizza with a purpose.

Ryan Rose, the CEO of Romeo’s Pizza, is looking to the future of the franchise on an international scale. “The expansion into our third country of operation has been a long time coming. After working with Mr. Onwubiko and Irukka Online Limited, we have assembled the best team possible for our venture overseas. We can’t wait to take our pizza with a purpose to an entirely new community.”

The area agreement with Onwubiko and Irukka Online Limited marks the third country in which Romeo’s Pizza has expanded their franchise system. The partnership is expected to bring upwards of 50 locations to the market within the next five years.