Jaymak (Australia) Announces International Expansion

Jaymak was founded in 1998 in Sydney, Australia and they have since grown to regularly service over 6000 venues across Australia and New Zealand, with 22 franchises currently operating. Jaymak’s unique point of difference is their ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications as Jaymak is the only ISO accredited equipment hygiene provider in Australia. ISO certifications are internationally recognised and help to ensure that the customer experience is consistent and high quality.

Jaymak already has a large presence in Australia and New Zealand, with upwards of 90% customer retention, but greater global awareness of hygiene and infection control has kickstarted a desire to provide their services on a larger scale. Jaymak founder and CEO, Mark Mackenzie said: “Our business was always a niche business however, with the recent pandemic and expansion of our product range, our services are being seen as more mainstream.”

“This provided us an opportunity to offer our business to the global community and improve the levels of indoor air quality, food safety and hygiene on the back of our 22 years of experience in HVAC&R hygiene, certified cleaning processes and products, ISO accreditation, management systems and legislative compliance.”

With low margins & high turnover, extensive training, and high market demand, Jaymak provides a strong franchise opportunity. Jaymak provides a holistic equipment hygiene service, as well as product sales, so consumers do not need multiple service providers. These services include dishwasher descaling, coolroom cleans, full kitchen cleans, canopy cleans, ice machine cleans, door seal replacements and more.

About Jaymak

Jaymak was founded in 1998 in Australia and has grown to include 22 franchises operating in every state in Australia as well as Christchurch in New Zealand. Their vision is what drives them: They believe that every person deserves to live in an environment with the highest level of clean air, water, and food safety. Jaymak offers hygiene and cleaning services and products to a range of industries including aged care, healthcare & hospitals, food processing & manufacturing, restaurants, hotels and many more.