Al Baik (Saudi Arabia) Opens its Location in Dubai

Saudi Arabia’s famous Al Baik has opened its doors in Dubai.

Al Baik is one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular fast-food chain. For years, it operated in only some cities of the Kingdom and it was is only recently that it expanded to more cities in the country. People heading to Saudi Arabia for Umrah, made sure to get a bite of Al Baik and sometimes, even bring some back home. But now, Dubai residents can also feast on their fried goodness.

Al Baik has now opened up its branch in Dubai. The latest branch has been opened up at the famous Dubai Mall, which also marks the fast-food franchise’s first one in the UAE. However, it’s not the first international branch of Al Baik. The fast-food chain had opened three branches in Bahrain, after which it was pushed to launch in the UAE as well. Now, the newly opened 355-square-meter restaurant will serve it’s famous meals to residents and visitors of the UAE, reported Arab News.

Al Baik was established in Jeddah in 1974 after which it was opened in the Holy city of Makkah as well. Since then, it has grown to more than 120 branches throughout Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.