Gray Mackenzie Retail Group to Expand Cold Stone Creamery (US) in Lebanon

Gray Mackenzie Retail Group, the leading retail group in Lebanon, partners with Cold Stone Creamery to expand the widely-loved ice cream chain's presence in Lebanon.Within its continuous efforts to bring unique experiences to the Lebanese consumer and elevate the sector to global levels, Gray Mackenzie Retail Group has signed a franchise agreement with Cold Stone Creamery to open new stores and manage operations within Lebanon.

Cold Stone Creamery currently operates in around 30 global markets, with two stores currently present in Lebanon since they first entered the market in 2017. The American ice cream brand quickly became a local favorite and the unique experience offered diversifies the brand from other ice cream retailers in the country along with products such as jelly beans, protein bars, and more.

The franchise agreement includes expanding Cold Stone Creamery both within Spinneys branches as well as across individual stores in Lebanon. As many brands and businesses close in Lebanon as a result of the economic instability, Gray Mackenzie Retail Group continues to expand their portfolio and provide customers with various products and brands.

Hassan Ezzeldine, President of Gray Mackenzie Retail Group, stated, " Through this new partnership, we reiterate our commitment to attract the most important brands to the Lebanese market and maintain Lebanon's position as a leading market with diverse products, despite the current situation and challenges we face as a nation.” He added:" We hope that this partnership will bring more expansion opportunities and progress to the Lebanese market in order to keep pace with global market and restore Lebanon and the sector to their distinguished positions.”

This partnership is one of the many ongoing partnerships by Gray Mackenzie Retail Group to bring the best to the Lebanese sector, this time targeting Cold Stone Creamery lovers in Lebanon by providing the most popular products of the famous American brand from premium ice cream flavors to jelly beans, coffee creamer, protein bars and various other delicious products.