MEITO (Germany) Opens 2 More Outlets in Oman

MEITO Opens 2 More Outlets in Oman and Celebrates with Sizzling New Menu MEITO’s innovative F&B concept opens in 2 exciting new locations in Muscat, at the same time as launching an awesome refresh of its cool, calorie-conscious menu.

MEITO continues its expansion in the Middle East with two stunning new locations opening up in the heart of Muscat’s social hubs. Known for their commitment to delivering awesome food and beverage experiences designed to light up urban areas, the highly successful MEITO franchise has recently opened Meito’s Eatery at Souq Al Madina and Meito’s Express at Mall of Oman.

“Oman is such a vibrant market, hungry for sustainable, sociable, and healthier food alternatives, and we love the way our customers have really got into the whole MEITO experience,” commented Benjamin Götze, Managing Director at MEITO Franchise International. “

“From Day 1, we have been about creating fun and sociable spaces for our customers, with a treat for the taste buds centered around our famous signature Bubble Tea. From our Eateries and grab ‘n’ go Express outlets, to our Double Decker and Mobile concepts, MEITO means fun-infused drink and snacks. We are excited to open up in two more locations in the region, and our new menu is a very cool celebration of the senses. From hearty breads, big bites and pastas packed with layers of flavor, to crunchy salads, berry bowls, and sweet treats such as Grandma’s Waffles, we all deserve good food made with love.”

Using sustainable, in-season, locally grown ingredients, MEITO serves simple, delicious, handcrafted food along with its range of unique beverages, seasoned with energy and a hint of mischief.

MEITO is now at two new locations in Muscat, Oman:

Meito´s Eatery at Souq Madina (opened 16th of September 2021)

Meito´s Express at Mall of Oman (opened 30th of September 2021)

With a cheeky and sociable aesthetic that appeals to younger consumers, the Meito franchise is a vision of the future.


MEITO has reinvented Bubble Tea from a single treat into a way of life and seriously cool social experience, with its MEITO Café & Eatery Concept. With its commitment to sustainability, through the use of natural, repurposed materials and locally sourced ingredients, MEITO works with franchise partners that share its values of fun, fairness and quality.

The German MEITO Café & Eatery Concept, based on its secret recipe for their famous signature Bubble Tea, is now an international franchise committed to social, sustainable F&B experiences. Spreading smiles from Germany to Oman, welcoming people of aged Day 1 upwards.

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About Souq Madina

Souq Al Madina, a modern, thoughtfully designed haven for the shopping, leisure and lifestyle pursuits of the community’s residents and visitors, as well as for tourists enchanted by the city and seeking the very best it has to offer. Inspired by Oman’s cultural heritage, Souq Al Madina reflects the ethos of Omani souqs, capturing an experience that dates back 200 years. The souqs of Oman have been a hub for global trade and a vibrant center for the community. The Souq is an eclectic collection of 60+ outlets, bringing together high-street fashion brands, aspirational couture, al fresco dining and the convenience of a premium supermarket.

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About Mall of Oman

The sultanate’s flagship destination for retail, leisure and entertainment, Mall of Oman is also strategically located within Muscat's center, making it the focal point of the city. The Mall combines a selection of curated stores in specialized zones that bring the best in retail, leisure, entertainment and dining along with a variety of seamless services. Its pioneering look to the future is augmented by the influence drawn from the beauty of the Omani landscape, and the natural rhythms and harmony of its national culture.

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Benjamin Götze, Director MEITO Franchise International