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JJ Chicken

Fast Casual Grilled Chicken
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Fast casual, authentic hormone-free, grain fed, charcoal-grilled chicken.
With 11 branches and 1 food truck in UAE, JJ Chicken is the only fast casual restaurant serving authentic charcoal-grilled, 100% hormone-free, grain-fed, freshly- prepared chicken meals, while offering value for money.

JJ Chicken Business Proposition:

  • Charcoal grilled chicken: all dishes are cooked over charcoal, which gives the chicken an irresistible taste of grilling, tenderness & juiciness
  • Superior & healthy chicken: JJ’s chicken is hormone-free, grain fed & halal. All sauces are freshly homemade with zero preservatives
  • Fusion Menu: with chicken being the core ingredient, the menu offers a variety of dishes inspired from different countries
  • Simplicity: JJ Chicken has a simple and easy way to control operation. Working with one main ingredient (chicken) makes it easy.
  • JJ Chicken is one of Almed Retail’s multiple brands, a prestigious & dynamic investor & operator in the Middle East.

About JJ Chicken:

Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates Year Founded: 2010 Date Franchising Commenced: 2018
Number of Units: 12

Created in 2010, JJ serves charcoal grilled chicken meals that cater for a balanced diet in a quick-service environment. With a variety of items ranging from salads, appetizers, sandwiches to platters, it is currently operating 11 shops and 1 Food Truck in the UAE with several more units to open in 2021. Our chicken is freshly marinated daily and charcoal-grilled on order. All sauces are freshly homemade with no preservatives. All chicken is hormone-free, grain-fed and halal.

JJ Chicken was able to gain a huge popularity in the UAE market in a very short period and became the top-of-mind place for Chicken and one of the fastest growing fast casual concepts. Despite the pandemic, JJ Chicken opened 2 new shops and continued to deliver food safely to its customers.

JJ Chicken Currently Operates in these Countries:

Serbia UAE

JJ Chicken Video:

JJ Chicken Income Streams:

  • The primary source of income is through Delivery via different channels owned (Call center, Website) or third-party aggregators (Talabat, Zomato, Deliveroo, Careem, etc.).
  • The secondary source is through our 11 dine-in locations, spread across the UAE. Also, through our participation in several events (e.g. concerts, sports events, expos, etc.) using our mobile unit.

JJ Chicken Training & Support:

  • Location Selection Support
  • Design & Construction Support
  • In-store training and classroom style training
  • Grand Opening support
  • Continuous Marketing support
  • Product development & innovation
  • Full IT solution & support

Type of Franchises Offered by JJ Chicken Internationally:

  • Master Franchise Opportunities
  • Area Development Franchise Opportunities
  • Individual Franchise Opportunities

JJ Chicken International Franchisee Profile:

  • The potential franchisee must have access to prime locations in their respective region
  • Ability to replicate and maintain the same identity, experience and people’s development culture
  • Having the necessary capital for setting up the franchise outlet and sustain a franchise development plan
  • Should have previous business experience of a minimum period of 3 years, preferably in the F&B industry (particularly for individual franchises)
  • Should have a solid foundation to understand all the legalities and fundamental skills needed to operate a franchise business
  • Ability to source, store and distribute required franchise products

JJ Chicken Franchise Opportunities Available in these Countries:

Egypt France KSA Kuwait Morocco Turkey Qatar UK Worldwide

JJ Chicken Brand Manager: Winona Gagan -

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