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An ecosystem of personal services under one app

With four unique and distinctive specialties of services for daily life, you can choose the franchise that best suits your goals. We offer you not only a franchise but technology, visibility of the brand in both online and offline, and know-how of the field. Bringing brand, technology and innovation to operationally fragmented industries.

Jeff Business Proposition:

  • 4 unique and distinctive services franchises to choose from.
  • Investment efficient, simple to operate and highly profitable business models.
  • Innovation as a core principle and proprietary know how in all verticals.
  • Technology systems: to make business management and control easier, enhancing customer data driven.

About Jeff:

Country of Origin: Spain Year Founded: 2015 Date Franchising Commenced: 2017
Number of Units: 1364

Mr Jeff was born in 2015, created by three young Spanish entrepreneurs, as a technology marketplace business model connecting operators with customers in the laundry sector. Realising the difficulty of providing consistent levels of high quality to customers due to the fragmented supplier base, Jeff soon pivoted to a different business model. It took all the learnings from the industry and decided to integrate vertically through the franchising model.

The industry know how, supported by the technology tools and expertise, took Mr Jeff to a fast international development in LATAM, followed by SE Asia and Europe. Currently the size is 40 countries and close to 1,800 franchises sold.

In the past 12 months, Jeff has developed and launched 3 other brands also in the personal services industry: Beauty Jeff (hairdresser and nail beauty salons), Fit Jeff (boutique fitness studios) and Relax Jeff (massage salons). The aim is to create an ecosystem of personal services under one single app.

Jeff franchisees have the opportunity to choose from the 4 available franchise opportunities depending on which brand best fits their interests and capabilities and the opportunities in their market.

Jeff Currently Operating In These Countries:

Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Columbia Costa Rica Dominican Republic
Ecuador Egypt
Hong Kong
Mexico Panama Peru Philippines Poland
Puerto Rico
Singapore El Salvador Thailand
Uruguay Vietnam South Africa

Jeff Concept Video:

Jeff Income Streams:

  • Operating Profits from Company Owned Stores
  • Franchise Fees on Franchised Stores
  • Royalties on Franchised Stores

Jeff Training & Support:

Jeff Academy is a tech learning platform which is the base of the training we provide our franchisees, both in terms of know how transmission and proprietary Jeff tech-based management tools for the business. On top of that we take our ops experts to the markets to support business launch and ensure adequate team training at all levels to optimise success chance.

Type of Franchises Offered by Jeff Internationally:

  • Master Franchise Opportunities
  • Area Development Franchise Opportunities
  • Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities

Jeff International Franchisee Profile:

Companies or entrepreneurs which have experience developing and operating a network of retail stores (products or services), which want to diversify entering other industries, leveraging their structure, and adding powerful brands with a strong tech component. Main expertise areas: market development understanding, good knowledge of the market and customers, extended business network (real estate, suppliers, construction...), modern marketing expertise, strong people management experience... Previous franchising and specific industry experience is a plus, but not necessarily required.

Jeff Franchise Opportunities Available In These Countries/Regions:

Bahrain KSA Kuwait Oman Qatar UAE
Thailand Indonesia
Philippines Cambodia
Middle East Asia Europe Australasia

Jeff Brand Manager: Troy Franklin -

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