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Country of Origin: USA

Brand Manager: Martin Hancock

JumpBunch is a moble concept offering structured sports and fitness programs for children from age 15 months to 12 years. The classes are typically 30 minutes long, once a week, with over 70 activity plans.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Curriculum customized for children from age 15 months to 12 years
  • Over 70 sports and activities
  • Recognized leader in our sector in the U.S. and India
  • Progress reports issued twice per year for all children
  • All marketing materials developed by an advertising agency
  • Latest technology
  • The JumpBunch brand is recognized as the leader in the children's industry for mobile sports and fitness
  • Helping kids achieve life-long healthy habits in this era of fast food and reduced exercise.

About JumpBunch

JumpBunch offers all the advantages of a great business opportunity for Master Franchisees:

Mobile concept (no storefront or gym facility required, and no lease!)

  • No teaching or sports experience required
  • Low start-up and low overhead costs
  • Rapid growth market
  • Proven business model in U.S. and India
  • Strong training and ongoing support
  • Protected geographic territories
  • Ranked Best in Category in Children's Services

JumpBunch founder Thomas Bunchman is committed to a rigorous training process to give each master franchisee the best springboard for success. A robust online "Extranet" allows franchisees to share questions, ideas and solutions anytime, and an annual U.S. JumpBunch conference gives you a chance to strategize directly with JumpBunch staff and other franchisees who share a similar passion and vision for their business.

JumpBunch offers structured sports and fitness programs for children from age 15 months to 12 years. The classes are typically 30 minutes long, once a week, with over 70 activity plans. Not a gym or facility, JumpBunch classes are offered as part of a child's day at school, daycare, and after-school programs, plus YMCA's and Parks and Rec Departments. We help build healthy bodies, self-esteem and a life-long love for sports and fitness!

JumpBunch delivers the advantages you look for in a superior franchise opportunity. You want the independence to grow your own business but also want to invest in a proven business model - and in a market with strong growth potential. You also need to know that you can count on all the training and ongoing support you'll need to succeed.

You manage JumpBunch from your home, but offer classes at existing facilities (schools, preschools, daycares, etc). This means you are simply offering an additional service to someone else's established customer base. JumpBunch is attractive to them because you offer a unique, complementary, turn-key program. For you, overhead is low because you use their facility, and your "customers" are already in place.

JumpBunch is international in India already, and will be expanding to other global locations very soon.

We provide 5 days of training in the U.S., followed by on-site visits to you from JumpBunch corporate staff. The training is very thorough, and covers all aspects of running a JumpBunch business, comprising personnel, administration, operations, and marketing. JumpBunch has a full range of support in place, including intranet, local websites, conferences, and more.

Investor Profile

We seek investors interested in the healthy well being of children. Ideally someone who is passionate about sports and children. Previous business experience is preferred. Experience working with children is good, but not required. Most importantly, we seek investors who will be "brand ambassadors" for JumpBunch.

Available Locations

  • UAE
  • Middle East
  • Northern Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • South East Asia

Operational Locations

  • USA (41)
  • India (1)
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