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Karmello Chocolatier

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Product Details

Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia

Brand Manager: Winona Gagan

Karmello Chocolatier is a guarantee of exceptional flavours hidden in finest Belgian chocolate and combined with the highest quality and passion put in the production process. Your chocolate tasting experience will be a magical one.

Unique Business Proposition

What is it about Karmello chocolate that makes it so smooth, flavorful, and melt-in-your-mouth irresistible? The secret lies in quality ingredients and expert processing, combined with a spirit of innovation that continues to refine Karmello chocolate even today.

About Karmello Chocolatier

Chocolates in Karmello are produced in a hand-made way to provide an innovative taste and attractive form. Our goal is to show our customers how the true taste of chocolate and coffee should be. Our cafes serve mouth-watering desserts and Karmello famous drinks.

Training & Support:

The training is divided into theoretical training where trainees are trained on all Karmello culture: vision, mission, core values, food safety, and customer care, etc. and practical - hands on training or in site training.

Will be followed be by oral and written tests to approve the trainees.

Investor Profile

  1. Operating one or more multi-unit chain operations.
  2. History of successful brand development.
  3. Has a professional real estate network for location selection
  4. Solid quality of operations.
  5. Understands, accepts and values a positive franchisor/franchisee relationship.
  6. Understands the need for, and system-wide benefit from, multi-market brand consistency.
  7. Direct experience with new locations: Site selection, Entitlement, Construction, Training and Opening.
  8. Ability to fund two or three units without relying on positive cash flow, depending on the size of the exclusive market.

Available Locations

  • GCC
  • Northern Africa

Operational Locations

  • Poland (29)
  • Saudi Arabia (4)

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