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Mary Cohr

Dermo-aesthetic Care & Aromatherapy
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Product Details

Country of Origin: France

Brand Manager: Kit Brinkley

In the forefront of skincare research Mary Cohr is a unique brand that has made major developments in Dermo-aesthetic care and Aromatherapy Beauty, thereby allowing Beauty Therapists to help women to achieve exceptional results. Through our exclusive and innovative methods of treatment and our know-how in how best to manage our business, we are confident that our beauty salons are offered as an investment of significant potential.

Unique Business Proposition

  • #1 in Professional Beauty & Skincare
  • Through 17,000 outlets and beauty salons
  • More than 320 franchisees in France; & in UK, USA, Germany, Russia
  • Management, production, R&D wholly integrated in France
  • Highest pharmaceutical standards

About Mary Cohr

Guinot - Mary Cohr is recognized as the leader in the professional beauty business in France as well as in many other international markets. Now represented in 70 countries around the world with more than 17,000 outlets and beauty salons.

Founded in Paris in 1963 our mission is to offer our clients alternative aesthetic treatment through our innovative and patented products and skills, which are created in our own dedicated R&D laboratory & factory in France. Our company is proud to meet the highest pharmaceutical standards (ISO certification 22 717, 14 001, FDA approved).

In 2010 we launched our unique franchise concept of highly attractive skincare & beauty salons. These salons fully reflect our clinical & results oriented image as the professional leader in cosmetics. There are now over 320 franchisees in France with increasing numbers of franchisees in UK, USA, Spain, Russia, Germany, Korea, Pakistan, India, Guatemala, Japan... further expansion continues apace each year with 85 openings in 2018 and 90+ are planned during 2019 with new launches in Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Uzbekistan.

As manufacturers of the highest quality beauty products and established as both operating and offering a fully proven, highly successful business concept in 2013 we launched our own Beauty Academy in Paris.

At the Guinot - Mary Cohr Academy we train 400 students each year to become beauticians, managers or entrepreneurs. This enables our group and our network of beauty salons to attract today's finest beauticians, which is key in the professional skincare market.

Training & Support:

What differentiates your brand in terms of support and training provision for new franchisees & master franchisees?
  • Initial training programme (3 weeks)
    Training in our treatment methods
    Training in management and sales
  • Regional workshops
    training, seminars
  • Promoters & Regional Trainers
    training in the Beauty Salon / distributors training centre, based on your specific needs
  • E-Training
    Application for continuous in-house training
  • 360° progress analysis
    Creating a more Professional Beauty Salon

Investor Profile

Major requirement / investment for a Master Franchise:

  • Set-up of one, two or more beauty salons (pilots / wholly-owned) according to the territory
  • Set -up of training centre according to the franchise standards
  • Need of a dedicated team for the project: developer, promoter, trainer, marketeer
  • Experience in franchising (with proven success with one or more franchise concepts).
  • Medium or large organisation to qualify as a Master or Multi-Unit franchisee (with an established business in place, preferably in the beauty industry).
  • A business wishing to diversify its portfolio by starting an enterprise in a new, competition free franchise territory for beauty salons. The Master Franchisee may well be the first to develop its territory thereby becoming the leader without any viable competitors.
  • Experience in the beauty industry and/or services is an advantage (hairdressing, cosmetics/beauty retail, spa...) but is not a requirement.

Available Locations

  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Lebanon

Operational Locations

  • S. Korea
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • India
  • France
  • Bahrain
  • Worldwide
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