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Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

Boxing Group Fitness
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Train Like the Champ

Having spent 21 years at the top of the sport of boxing, and developing his proprietary – and previously unshared – workout programs and routines, Floyd Mayweather has partnered with an industry-leading team to deliver the gold standard in group fitness.

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Business Proposition:

  • Floyd Mayweather Brand Leverage: Floyd Mayweather has a 64% consumer familiarity rate (more than 5X the average for branded boutique fitness studios), which means lower cost per lead, more members and faster revenue.
  • Simple and High Margin Business Model: Earn revenue more quickly with an incredible brand, modest initial investment, simple build-out and recurring revenue streams.
  • Programming: Mayweather Boxing + Fitness offers the most effective group fitness experience on the market. Our members learn from Floyd’s workout programs and fight combinations to get in the best shape of their lives.
  • Technology: We are the market leaders in technology with in-studio TV screens displaying the workouts of the day, interactive heart rate monitor system and proprietary Virtual Reality program.
  • Support: Seasoned operating team with deep expertise in developing multiple global fitness franchise brands. Comprehensive and proprietary support to help you quickly establish and grow your business.

About Mayweather Boxing + Fitness:

Country of Origin: USA Year Founded: 2017 Date Franchising Commenced: 2018
Number of Units: 27

Floyd Mayweather – the most successful athlete in history – completely disrupted the economics of boxing, and is now re-defining the business of fitness. Having always anticipated his transition from iconic athlete to full-time businessman, Floyd launched Mayweather Boxing + Fitness when he officially retired. Partnered with an industry-leading team, Floyd created a simple and high-margin franchise system, leveraging his household name brand in a fast-growing and profitable industry. Through strategic programming and architectural design, our simple build outs maximize profit per square foot. “Team Mayweather” members relish being part of our tight-knit community, which helps build long-term recurring revenue for franchisees.

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Currently Operates in these Countries:

USA Russia

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Video:

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Income Streams:

  • Income from Recurring Studio Memberships
  • Income from Personal Training
  • Income from retailing Mayweather-branded Merchandise
  • Income from Virtual Reality equipment or services?
  • Income from sub-franchise sales and recurring royalties (for Master Franchisees)

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Training & Support:

Fully-immersive master franchisee training at our corporate offices and flagship location in Los Angeles to learn both the business of running the Mayweather franchise system – real estate, construction, marketing, merchandising, sales & operations - as well as the operations of our Studios. On-site training and development of local teams to help develop your master trainer network.

Type of Franchises Offered by Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Internationally:

  • Master Franchise Opportunities
  • Area Development Franchise Opportunities
  • Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness International Franchisee Profile:

An ideal master franchise candidate will have capital, business experience, franchise experience, management experience and capability at building teams and scaling operations.

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Franchise Opportunities Available in these Countries & Territories:

Australia Bahrain Cambodia Hong Kong Indonesia KSA
Kuwait Malaysia Myanmar New Zealand Oman Philippines
Qatar Singapore Thailand Taiwan UAE Asia
Africa Europe Indian Sub-Continent Middle East Worldwide

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Brand Manager: Martin Hancock -

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