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New York Fries

Premium French Fries
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Highly Profitable International Franchising Opportunity

New York Fries is a Canadian quick service restaurant that mainly serves French fries, hot dogs and poutine.

New York Fries Business Proposition:

  • Highly profitable
  • Industry leading food and labour costs
  • Low upfront investment
  • Small square footage (ideally 350 sq. ft.)
  • Fresh cut fries made to order (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free)

About New York Fries:

Country of Origin: Canada Year Founded: 1984 Date Franchising Commenced: 1988
Number of Units: 141

New York Fries has aggressively positioned itself as a premium french fry brand in Canada since the mid 1980's. We have taken the ultimate fun food - French fries - and created a popular and dynamic brand by buying the highest quality ingredients and cooking our fries using our unique 3 stage cooking system. As the ‘fry specialist’, we offer a variety of toppings for our fries like gravy, cheese sauce, vinegars and shake-on seasonings. Add in a ¼ lb hot dog (chicken, veggie or beef), topped the way you like it and you can see why the brand took off across Canada & around the world.

Our small operational footprint, low up front costs and industry leading food & labour costs make New York Fries a world class investment opportunity.

Located in all major Canadian malls, the 36 year old chain has successfully expanded internationally with big plans to continue to grow. New York Fries is owned by Recipe Unlimited, Canada’s largest full-service restaurant company.

New York Fries Currently Operates in these Countries:
Canada India KSA UAE

New York Fries Intro Video:

Recipe Unlimited Intro Video:

New York Fries Income Streams:

Dine in, take out and delivery available.

New York Fries Training & Support:

6 weeks initial training, opening support and on-going operational support.

Type of Franchises Offered by New York Fries Internationally:

Master Franchise Opportunities.

New York Fries International Franchisee Profile:

Experienced multi-unit franchise exposure required.

New York Fries Franchise Opportunities Available in these Countries:

Indonesia Malaysia Philippines
Asia Europe MENA Worldwide

New York Fries Brand Manager: Troy Franklin -

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