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Chic & Contemporary Children's Wear
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Country of Origin: Italy

Brand Manager: Yuliya Bilous

Combining ceremonial and contemporary fashions in children's wear since 2000, Petit Kids has been developing international franchise network, and currently operates franchised locations in Italy, Europe, GCC, as well as other markets worldwide.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Petit is the sign brand which distinguishes the retail outlets of the franchising network of CLN. CLN, present on the domestic and foreign territory, designs, manufactures and distributes clothing for children from 0 to 12 years old.
  • The collection comes from high specialisation in the "Ceremony and quality fashion" segment and responds fully to the need to satisfy the requests of the final customer who is offered the total look at an exceptional quality-price ratio.
  • dresses, suits, knitwear, overcoats, hair accessories, bags, shoes, belts, hats, etc.
  • The "Petit" franchising comes from experience and an in depth knowledge of the Ceremony and important occasion sector in general
  • Christenings, birthdays, 1st Communion, Marriages, Parties, etc. which remains unaffected by economic crises and general sector crises.

About Petit

The Petit Franchise Opportunity

Combining ceremonial and contemporary fashions in children's wear, Petit is established in 14 company-owned and franchised retail outlets across Italy.

Since 2000 the company has also been developing an international franchise network, and currently operates franchised locations in Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. UAE, Oman, other Middle East and North Africa are still available as well as other markets worldwide.

Investor Profile

In Italy, our commercial policy envisages the opening of a store for each town having at least 40.000 residents with a minimum of 100.000 potential customers. Abroad, we tend to privilege those investors who could be interested in launching a Master Franchising encompassing the entire Country.

Ideal partner for Petit is a person who is willing to gain his or her economic independence.

A person who wishes to put all his or her passion in this job.

A person who can be proud of owning this prestigious brand, in Italy and abroad.

Among our partners, we can already count on farseeing entrepreneurs who deeply examined potential economic incomes and then have been completely fascinated by this experience.

Available Locations

  • Worldwide
  • UAE
  • Oman
  • Middle East
  • Northern Africa

Operational Locations

  • Italy (20)
  • Saudi Arabia (2)
  • Kuwait (2)
  • Ireland (2)
  • Qatar (2)
  • Lebanon (1)
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