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Surf Lakes

Groundbreaking Surf Park Technology
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Everyone Gets a Break

Surf Lakes technology allows for licensees to create incredibly profitable wave parks for all levels of surfers and surf craft via offering up to 2000 waves per hour. Add in 360 degrees of water front perimeter, an excellent F&B and retail experience plus lake-facing accommodation and the potential is endless.

Surf Lakes Business Proposition:

  • Most waves per hour in this space – 2000 waves per hour
  • Suitable for ALL levels of surfers from beginner to advanced at once
  • Ideal for further perimeter revenue opportunities
  • Genuine community infrastructure appeal with broad community benefit
  • Attractive ROI timeframes

About Surf Lakes:

Country of Origin: Australia Year Founded: 2016 Year Franchising Commenced: 2020

“It all started from a ripple really. I was throwing rocks into water with the kids when the idea hit me. What followed was a lot of research, looking at how nature makes waves, how one swell interacts with multiple reefs and beaches. Nature was the inspiration because we wanted the waves to be as natural as possible.”

-Aaron Trevis, Founder and CEO

Born from humble beginnings, Surf Lakes evolved from a simple act of throwing a rock into the water in the mid 2000s through to becoming the ultimate wave making technology in the 2020s. Surf Lakes has the potential to embed positive change within communities via the sharing of the thrill of wave riding to the world.

Surf Lakes Currently Operating In These Countries:


Surf Lakes Video:

Surf Lakes Income Streams:

  • Maximum opportunity for surfer throughput – 200 people per hour plus swimmers! (Current financial modelling accounts for $50 per hour per surfer).
  • Huge opportunities in the learn to swim, surf and dive markets.
  • Incredible potential for revenue from F&B, retail and even residential developments on the surrounding perimeter.
  • Accommodation options ranging from camping, glamping through to high end 5-Star hotel developments.

Surf Lakes Training & Support:

Surf Lakes delivers licensees a turn key operating facility ready for operation. Ongoing services offerings include:

  • Operating systems delivery, training and support (POA) NB: Surf Lakes may also operate your facility upon request (POA)
  • Machinery monitoring 24/7 (NB: there is an ongoing monitoring fee of $2 per "pulse")
  • Global marketing/programs with local marketing support (No charge)

Type of Franchises Offered by Surf Lakes Internationally:

  • Exclusive License Development Opportunities

Surf Lakes International Licensee Profile:

Ideal licensee attributes include:

  • Previous experience in the entertainment/theme park/tourism space; or
  • Previous experience as a major project developer (residential commercial); or
  • Government department looking for a new and exciting community focused project.

The licensee must have:

  • Access to adequate land, water and power
  • Access to funding
  • Proven capability of project success

Surf Lakes Licensee Opportunities Available In These Regions:

Asia Middle East Europe Worldwide

Surf Lakes Brand Manager: Christopher Brinkley -

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