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TGI Fridays

Innovative Bar & Grill
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In Here Is Always Friday

For people who crave new shareable experiences, TGI Fridays is the most innovative Bar & Grill in the world making fun, memorable celebrations out of everyday occasions.

TGI Fridays Business Proposition:

  • TGI Fridays trades in several different trade areas and formats.
  • Multiple country and trade area opportunities available worldwide.
  • Investment cost savings. More efficient layouts and less Back-of-house space required.
  • From Full size Flagship restaurants to Small Footprint locations. Transport Hubs, Entertainment Complexes, and Kiosks we have it all…

About TGI Fridays:

Country of Origin: USA Year Founded: 1965 Date Franchising Commenced: 1986
Number of Units: Almost 700

Alan Stillman, a perfume salesman opened the first TGI Fridays restaurant in New York City in 1965. Today there are almost 700 TGI Fridays restaurants including 310 in USA and 379 International locations across 51 countries.

Our goal is to be the best American Bar & Grill in every trade area in which we compete. Here’s what that feels like….!!!

  • Clearly differentiated from our competitors
  • Delivering an exceptional experience for our Guests
  • Increasing the value for the price they pay
  • Inspired by heritage of our New York City roots
  • An authentic, social, casual experience
  • To be the best Casual Dining Restaurant in every trade zone – no compromise!
    • We retain the BEST PEOPLE

TGI Fridays Key Milestones / Achievements

  • TGI Fridays first international location opens in Birmingham, England in 1986
  • TGI Fridays invented the all-time favorite Loaded Potato Skins
  • TGI Fridays introduced its annual World Bartender Championship – a global tradition that continues today.
  • TGI Fridays became the first American casual dining restaurant to open in Moscow.
  • TGI Fridays opens its 100th international restaurant in Korea and enters Guam, Ecuador, Dominican Republic.
  • TGI Fridays opens its 300th International restaurant in Mexico and enters Qatar.

TGI Fridays continues its Global expansion hence why we would like to talk to you today……

TGI Fridays Currently Operates in these Countries:

51 Countries across Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Americas with still lots of opportunities available.

There are 311 TGI Fridays restaurants in the USA and another 379 in 51 countries worldwide.

TGI Fridays Videos:

TGI Fridays Income Streams:

Our Franchise Partner revenue comes from F&B sales from dine-in, take away and delivery. Additionally, once established a compliant Franchise partner can request a discussion for Retail Licensing and Merchandise.

TGI Fridays Training & Support:

  • Franchise Operations & Marketing Onboarding
  • Operations Training
  • Manager Training
  • New Store Opening Training
  • New Market Entry Training
  • Market Visit Training
  • Continued Training and Development supported by in Country Market Visits
  • Development & Architecture Training

Type of Franchises Offered by TGI Fridays Internationally:

  • Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities
  • Single-Unit Franchise Opportunities
  • Master Franchise Opportunities
  • Area Development Franchise Opportunities

TGI Fridays International Franchisee Profile:

TGI Fridays are looking right now at Individual Franchisees with 3 to 5 Restaurant opportunities within a given trade area over a 3 to 5 year period. All capital and investment cost information is in our FDD.

TGI Fridays are also looking for Master Franchisees who could command a country or Region and commit to the correct pace of development within the countries / regions identified.

Master Franchisees would already be in the F & B or Retail industry and looking to diversify. They would already have a infrastructure in the proposed development areas.

TGI Fridays Franchise Opportunities Available in these Countries:

Canada Chile China Columbia Ghana Hong Kong India
Indonesia Ivory Coast Mexico Singapore Tanzania Thailand Vietnam
Africa Americas Asia Europe Middle East Worldwide

TGI Fridays Brand Manager: Troy Franklin -

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