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Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar

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Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar Franchise Logo

Uncle Sharkii is one of the fastest growing Poke QSR concepts. Serving our signature Hawaiian poke bowls, boba milk teas, and desserts. Enormous growth during the pandemic, Uncle Sharkii is resilient.

Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar Business Proposition:

  • Low Overhead and Investment Costs
  • One week of training at our Headquarters and three days at your location on us.
  • Specialize in second generation spaces to save money.
  • Simple to operate and easy to duplicate.
  • No heavy or expensive kitchen equipment.

About Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar:

Country of Origin: USA Year Founded: 2018 Date Franchising Commenced: 2019
Number of Units: 5
Uncle Sharkii’s story began in February 2018, during a family gathering, a little girl named Melody, was gifted a plush toy shark by her Uncle she never met. Melody and the "Uncle" became instant family! They celebrated by having snacks and drinking boba milk tea. The bonding of family resulted in the creation of Uncle Sharkii.

Food. Family. Simplicity.

We see through our values with an all-inclusive menu that features our Signature Hawaiian Poke Bowls, Boba Milk Teas, & Desserts. Our unique Uncle Sharkii recipes include, ahi-tuna, salmon, shrimp, spicy scallops, and tofu. Customers can wash their meals and quench their thirst with an array of Boba Milk Teas with Asian-infused flavors that include taro, honeydew, mango, black tea, and jasmine green teas.

While competitors stuff their menu with options that distract from the quality of a true poke bowl, Uncle Sharkii is answering the more important question: “How much fish is in my bowl?” What makes Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar unique is the dedication to keeping the business model streamlined by operating within kiosks, food courts, and even food trucks. Combined with a food concept that requires no expensive kitchen equipment, Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar is the optimal franchise with low start-up costs and lightning fast returns on their investments!


Uncle Sharkii rises above the competition by combining the simplicity of our signature Hawaiian Poke Bowls with the customizability of today’s modern concepts. Born and raised in Hawaii, Co-Founder of Uncle Sharkii – Raymond R. stays true to his Hawaiian upbringings through its mission, “Poke Bowls Made Simple…”

The most important question customers ask is: “How much fish is in my bowl?” By using fewer ingredients than our competitors, we ensure that each Uncle Sharkii Poke Bowl is jam-packed with your favorite proteins! Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar strives for value and quantity of its meals in order to reach the masses.

You have many REASONS to choose us

Uncle Sharkii is one of the fastest growing Poke QSR concepts. Serving our signature Hawaiian poke bowls, boba milk-teas and desserts.

Entrepreneurs and investors alike are recognizing that in order to succeed in business you have to lower your startup costs.

Especially during a world pandemic, business owners tend to seek opportunities with a lower initial investment. When most businesses are closing up and going out of business due to their large startup costs and ongoing expenses, Uncle Sharkii is able to survive and thrive during the pandemic. Starting with one store and growing to five stores during the pandemic has shown enormous growth in franchised units awarded, Uncle Sharkii has demonstrated that it is resilient during these challenging times.

Health Benefits and Healthy Living Trends

Because of its health benefits and savory flavors, poke bowls have become one of the most popular food concepts in the U.S. over the last five years. This has ensued in over 700 restaurants flooding the scene to serve the highly-coveted Hawaiian dish. Many of them try to break the mold by offering a library of proteins, toppings, and sauces that never originated in Hawaii and derive from the essence of poke. This includes chicken, beef, pork, cilantro, beets, cheddar cheese, ranch dressings, and barbecue sauce.

Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar is currently operating in these countries:
China (in development)

Franchise Video:

Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar Income Streams:

  • Food & Beverage Revenue
  • Branded Merchandise
  • Trademarked Poke Sauces

Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar Training & Support:

  • Uncle Sharkii Franchisees are required to complete our training program, composed of 22 classroom hours at our headquarters located in San Francisco, California, USA. In addition there are 46 hours on-the-job training. Uncle Sharkii will provide three days of on-site training at the new location.
  • For Master Franchisees and Area Developers, Uncle Sharkii will provide an additional 1-2 weeks of on-site training at the first new location. Uncle Sharkii will provide more support if needed, please inquire with your Uncle Sharkii Franchise Representative.
  • Upon completion of training, franchisees will be prepared to handle all of Uncle Sharkii’s essential day-to-day operations. This includes how to open and close, business operations, how to operate kitchen equipment, how to prepare orders, bookkeeping and following local and national protocols and compliance.

Type of Franchises Offered Internationally:

  • Master Franchise Opportunities
  • Area Development Franchise Opportunities
  • Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities

Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar International Franchisee Profile:

The ideal Uncle Sharkii candidate should have access to both prime commercial real estate and unconventional real estate locations such as airports, train stations, stadiums, etc. Candidate should have the ability and access to funding and capital that is required to fund restaurant development.The prospective franchisee should have a successful and overall streamlined business management team. One partner should qualify as the operator or the principal for the owner.

Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar Franchise Opportunities are available for these areas:

Asia Middle East USA Canada Europe South America Worldwide

Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar Brand Manager: Paul Cairnie -

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