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Country of Origin: USA

Brand Manager: Martin Hancock

Our mission is simple - Shaping the Minds and Bodies of the Future. We accomplish this through the use of proprietary Gym and STEM curriculum. Our Complete Business Model ensures that your revenues are maximized and your facility is use-optimized.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Tumbles is not a daycare, or preschool drop-off center.
  • Simple business model - no industry experience required.
  • Recurring revenue model, memberships and class packages provide predictable revenue streams
  • No requirement for hands-on, day-to-day operations. Keep your current job or existing business.
  • Recession resistant - parents prioritize spending money on kids, regardless of economy
  • Revenue potential 7 days/week
  • Flexible lifestyle business
  • Support and guidance on location selection and facility design
  • Initial & ongoing operations and marketing support, tools, and technologies
  • Initial and ongoing instructor training programs: live and online

About Tumbles


At Tumbles, we understand that exercising young minds and bodies is important - So is having fun! Our unique programs help build upon developmental and social skills in a fun and nurturing environment developed specifically with children in mind. Tumblers practice physical activities to develop fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, and sports preparation. We accomplish all this in a fun, non-competitive environment that allows each child to grow in his or her own way. In addition, we offer STEM classes which are built upon International standards of math and literacy and rely heavily on bodily-kinesthetic learning (allowing the students to feel science). Tumbles truly is a model that gets kids MOVING AND THINKING.


The childhood obesity crisis is growing each year. Even more shocking, the problem gets WORSE with AGE according to the latest data from the CDC (NHANES). Experts debate the causes of this crisis.

Experts debate the causes of this crisis. At Tumbles, we're focused on solutions.


Tumbles growth development programs are divided into two different skill-based categories: Parent-Participation Classes for ages 4 months to 3 years, and Independent Classes for ages 3 to 12 years. Both formats are designed to develop many skills, rather than just one, and offer at least eight different activities per weekly class. With a focus on developing every child's social, physical and cognitive skills, each level is specifically designed to engage and challenge your child based on his or her age and developmental milestones.

Tumbles STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Math) is an exciting program designed to engage and challenge the minds and bodies of young children between the ages of 3 and 12 through the use of both basic, and advanced, science and engineering principles, innovative technology, out-of-the-box math thinking, hands-on activities, and literature while utilizing body-focused kinesthetic learning. Our proprietary curriculum is built upon International standards of math and literacy.

The Tumble Zone is a multi-story educational indoor play structure with physical, social, and sensory activities crafted around the same developmental milestones as the gym curricula. The Tumble Zone is built to adhere to the strictest guidelines established by industry organizations such as ASTM, CSA and CPSC, and offers mulitple revue streams including daily play and birthday parties.


To achieve our mission, we need mission-minded entrepreneurs who want kids business opportunities that go beyond just making money - opportunities that actually make a difference in customers' lives.

When you become a Tumbles Partner, you gain access to a complete business model that includes designs, equipment, and curriculum developed over 30 years of operation. This complete model offers a number of revenue streams, which can help reduce risk and develop the cash flow needed to sustain a new business. Potential revenue streams in this complete business model include subscription class model, special events, pay-to-play, and more. There's no shortage of franchise opportunities on the open market. But, if you're looking for a proven business model that also provides a sense of purpose, Tumbles is among your best opportunities.

Take if from those who have worked with the Tumbles brand for years: the sense of purpose is sustaining through both the successes and challenges of owning a franchise.

Investor Profile

Tumbles are looking for a candidate (with any background) that qualifies based on the required financial criteria. We are looking for franchisees with basic business skills that can manage and motivate a team, have sufficient financial resources, and will follow the blueprint of a proven business model. If you have these qualities then you are a prime candidate to own and operate a Tumbles Franchise.

Available Locations

  • Middle East
  • Northern Africa
  • USA
  • Worldwide
  • UAE

Operational Locations

  • USA (9)
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