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Country of Origin: USA

Brand Manager: Martin Hancock

BODYROK is Pilates re-designed. A 40-minute, full body, high intensity, low impact innovative workout. It is a strong brand with Proprietary Equipment, and a Powerful – Proven Unit Economic Model.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Innovative and Differentiated Workout, Strong Store Base and Studio Level Economics, Proprietary Equipment, Powerful – Proven Unit Economic Model, Strong Brand, Aspirational Brand Inspires People to Become the Best Version of Themselves, Appeals to Millennial and Gen Z – both of which are more active and growing in purchasing power, Positioned to benefit from Megatrends in active living, Personalized Experience, Most Efficient, Complementarity (to HIIT) and Effective Workout, Payback in 12-18 months (generally), BODYROK Investment / Sales Ratio Ranks Among Industry Leaders, Strong AUV vs. Other Pilates Comcepts


BODYROK is Pilates re-designed. A 40-minute, full body, high intensity, low impact workout, on our custom reformer. The hybrid pilates sequences will have you plank, lunge, pike, jump, and push your body to it’s limit. The experience is designed to create more energy and increase your metabolism, even after you leave. COME ROK WITH US!

Training & Support:

BODYROK offers full training and support for both BODYROK Trainers and Studio Managers.

We hold trainings for New Instructors at our Corporate Headquarters every six weeks in San Francisco, California. Instructor training is 20 hours in-studio over a 4-day period (Thursday – Sunday). There are pre and post training requirements for new trainers as well. Franchises have the opportunity to have a BODYROK Training Director lead a training at their location if they choose to host a training.

Training for Studio Managers is offered at our Corporate Headquarters as well. It is a 4-day, 20-hour program that covers MindBody Online training, Manager Training, Hiring Training, and Operational training. It can also be done at a Franchise location if requested.

Investor Profile

Multiunit operator looking to open a minimum of 5 locations within their respective country or region.

Available Locations

  • Worldwide

Operational Locations

  • USA (18)

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