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Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates

Brand Manager: Winona Gagan

Gravity Calisthenics Gym is different from urban fitness centres. Gravity is solely dedicated to calisthenics (exercise without machines) and parkour (free running). With calisthenics the body is working out to develop strong joints and muscles.

Unique Business Proposition

  • As a Gravity franchisee, you will own a branch of one of the worlds leading fitness movement academies closely partnered with the World Calisthenics Organization. Owning a branch does not only allow you to create your own movement community within your area, but you also get the following benefits:
    • Competitive payback-period with an ROI of up to 40%
    • Minimal equipment cost
    • Staff training and recruitment included in initial franchise fee
    • Consultancy regarding financial planning, marketing, and operations.
    • Detailed Operations Manual put together by a global leader in franchise consultancy (iFranchise MENA).
    • Close partnership with World Calisthenics Organization in terms of marketing, athletes, and events.
    • On-going around-the-clock assistance, and systematic visits to your facility.
    • A business model tested and proven in one of the world’s most competitive markets.

About Gravity Calisthenics Gym

Gravity Calisthenics Gym was established in Dubai in 2015. When established, Gravity was the only Calisthenics or Movement Training facility in the region. Our main goal was to transform the fitness community in the region and introduce a new concept of training focused on functional movements and exploring the full potential of the human body through natural movements.

Since then Gravity has grown to become one of the world’s most prominent gyms when it comes to movement training. We have managed to not only gain members but create a community space where people from all walks of life come together sharing the same passion for movement. Gravity has become more than a gym, it has become a retreat from their everyday lives; a space they enjoy going to train, to work or just to hang out.

We aim to continuously spread the knowledge and opportunity by creating communities built on healthier lifestyles and forms of recreation – globally. With that said, we also aim to help individuals rediscover the true potential of their bodies through movement.

Training & Support

Gravity will create a custom financial plan for the franchisee to follow based on their local market.

Gravity will send a Fitness Manager for a one-week period to assist franchise on opening week.

Gravity will send “World Calisthenics Organization” licensed athletes to conduct 2 day workshop for staff of franchisee.

Gravity will offer training and on-going support on three pillars:

People: Leadership skills, Coaching skills, Recruiting and Interviewing skills, and training skills.

Operations: Inventory management, local marketing, and gym maintenance.

Financial: P&L Management, Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting, and KPI management.

Investor Profile

Core Competencies: Competitive and passionate, availability and commitment to business, entrepreneurship, and committed to community.

Additional Key Competencies: Marketing and business experience, willingness to learn, keen on fitness, customer relation and sales background.

Financial Criteria: Capital available to open, Ability to secure capital beyond cash flow from operations, and ability to pay royalties.

Available Locations

  • GCC
  • Middle East

Operational Locations

  • UAE
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