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Country of Origin: India

Brand Manager: Paul Cairnie

Re-discover India through an explosion of flavours and an eclectic selection of ingredients and pairings that infuse the familiar with the unexpected. From the iconic Copper Chimney group.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Experimental Indian Cuisine
  • Ingredient Inspired Menu
  • Innovation
  • BAR Story

About Bombay Borough

Re-discover India through an explosion of flavour and a showcase of hyper-local Indian ingredients . Sample small plates or indulge in large ones, from an eclectic selection of ingredients and pairings that infuse the familiar with the unexpected. Satisfy those cravings for good conversation and great food, through an exciting adventure that serves up the very best of India’s ingredients and dishes for the armchair traveller.

A mélange of unique ingredients sourced from the far corners of the country, hand-picked and sourced from local farms and suppliers, and paired together with an extensive wine list and a botanist-inspired cocktail list.

The Food With the Bhoot Jolokia, one of the hottest chillies in the world that comes from North East India, the sundried Mango Aam Papad from Amritsar in the North, Pink Salt from the Himalayas, and the unique South Indian Podi Masala, we bring together flavours that aren’t readily available globally; presented in an international avatar to create a first of its kind concept, Bombay Borough. Look no further for food that is as unique and delicious as it comes.

The Menu

Small Plates
Whet your appetite while you wait for your meal to unfold; these make for good conversation fillers. Hot Pepper Squid, Shillong Shapale, Tuna Jhalmudi Salad, Naga Ghost Pepper Wings, Skewered Bengali Buttermilk Chicken

Large Plates
The right pairing highlights every ingredient and enhances the taste of our large plates. A roti or kulcha brings balance, while a flavoured rice adds another dimension. Our Street Kababs are flashed on open charcoal grills to give fresh, robust flavours. Portions that will please the hearty appetite, these large plates also make for great sharing.

Flame Grilled Soola Chicken Green Tamarind Pepper Fish, Mario’s Mango Prawns & Coconut Rice, Dosa Waffle & Ghee Roast Chicken Pile Up

The Botanical Bar
The bar at Bombay Borough is a well-travelled one. Old favourites from across cultures and countries comfortably sit alongside refreshing new brews. Botanical Cocktails, paired with edible flowers and herbs, sit across an extensive wine list to enjoy each evening after work or play.

An Indo-Chic Ambience
Bombay Borough is inspired by a fusion of modern french and British-era old bungalows of India, infusing the west with India into a space where people can gather over good conversation and great food. The space is multi-layered with inspirations from around the country, showcasing the artsy and contemporary India in an international flavour.

Charcoal Concepts
A platform for specialist Indian food and beverage, founded by K Hospitality Corp. As the thought leader and leading company focused on Indian food, flavours, ingredients and dishes globally, the company takes a forward thinking and global approach towards the development and evolution of Indian cuisine.

Investor Profile

Capital adequacy to run and setup the restaurant(s) as per country standards.
Entrepreneurs or experienced business groups, with access to key locations in malls and highstreets in local market.

Available Locations

  • UAE
  • UK
  • South East Asia

Operational Locations

  • India (8)
  • Sri Lanka (1)
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