Brisket Southern BBQ & Bar

Contemporary Southern BBQ
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Product Details

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Brand Manager: Troy Franklin

Brisket offers authentic, mouth-watering Texan BBQ combined with a stylish, urban dining experience. Caters to a high-volume of guests, requires minimal kitchen space and offers above industry-standard margins.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Ongoing culinary and operational support in your region through APAC headquarter (Bangkok)
  • Experience with site selection, design and construction process
  • Using 2nd Cuts to create delicious menu items, allows for great food margins.
  • Ideal concept for serving high volumes, minimal kitchen space required
  • Premium Swiss hospitality meets American high-quality casual dining

About Brisket Southern BBQ & Bar

Brisket Southern BBQ & Bar was founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 2015 and quickly became one of the city’s most popular dining destinations. It’s owned by the von Matt family of Von Matt Hospitality Group (VMHG) based in Zurich and is one of four restaurant concepts created by them. Their specialization lies in gourmet-style American food experiences, where they focus on serving fantastic menu creations within a vibrant, street-style ambience.

The von Matt’s spent nearly six months traveling The States, learning the ropes about American cuisine, testing out different recipes, variations, techniques & traditions. Now, with four restaurants, they’ve managed to penetrate the market in Zurich and see great potential to expand their brands globally.

VMHG setup a local headquarters located in Bangkok, Thailand, which will be your liaison and trusted partner throughout the journey of becoming a franchisee. The HQ’s will provide you with hands-on support and help you grow your new business venture to become a successful and thriving restaurant in your market.

Training & Support:

VMHG is a high-service hospitality provider that offers as much hands-on support as you require. The range of services are highlighted (but not limited to) the points below:

  • Pre-Opening: Location scouting, interior design, equipment planning, construction process, supplier sourcing, in-house training of key staff (in Switzerland and on-ground), marketing and PR.
  • Post-Opening: bi-annual visit from your VMHG representative for additional support and quality checks, direct liaison will be allocated to you for day-to-day queries, F&B operational and profitability audits conducted annually, seasonal menu updates, ongoing marketing support & website management.
  • Optional: feasibility study, market study, hiring staff, HR support, further in-house training of key staff, recommendations on how to improve KPIs, create location-specific marketing materials for your restaurant.

Investor Profile

We’re looking for franchisees who share our drive & passion, and who firmly believe in our values. You should care as much as we do about sourcing the best quality ingredients, designing beautiful, memorable restaurant spaces, providing dedicated service, and, most importantly, making your restaurant the best it can be.

The ideal candidate has a proven track record in gastronomy and comes with strong entrepreneurial leadership.

Available Locations

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • S. Korea
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • UAE
  • APAC (Asia-Pacific)
  • South Africa
  • MENA
  • South East Asia
  • Worldwide

Operational Locations

  • Worldwide (4)
  • Switzerland (1)
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