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Country of Origin: India

Brand Manager: Paul Cairnie

Contemporary Indian Restaurant since 1972. At Copper Chimney, the Tandoors are fired at first light, grills marinated for over eight hours and the signature dal is slow-cooked to perfection.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Pioneers/Foremost Experts in Indian Cuisine
  • A distinctive menu with the best flavours and ingredients
  • Our Tandoor Grills
  • Our philosophy of Proprietary Techniques, High Quality Ingredients, Fresh Cooking
  • Contemporary Indian
  • Ustads/Human Element
  • The History: Founded in 1972, & 45 years of Experience
  • Signature Products
  • Celebrations
  • Breakfast / Chai
  • Bollywood
  • Fan Following

About Copper Chimney

During the Partition of India in 1947, Mr J K Kapur migrated to Bombay from modern-day Pakistan. He wanted to share with the city the culinary experience reminiscent of his years growing up near the North West Frontier Province. In November 1972, 25 years after he first landed in this new city,his love for food took shape as the first Copper Chimney in the heart of Bombay.

The Philosophy
At Copper Chimney, the Tandoors are fired at first light, grills marinated for over eight hours and the signature dal is slow-cooked to perfection. Central to this process are the ‘Ustads’ or master chefs of Copper Chimney. These chefs are trained and nurtured for decades, gaining in-depth knowledge of ingredients, cooking styles and recipes handed down over generations.

The Food
The menu features recipes that celebrate cuisines from Peshawar to Delhi. The Starter Plates and Tandoor Grills include the Multan region-inspired Paneer Tikka, White Pepper Chicken Chop, signature Chelo Kababs, the Khyber region inspired tender Grilled Burrah Lamb Chops.
A visit to Copper Chimney is incomplete without its signature Biryani and the Curries. They are made from scratch and include the signature Chicken Bharta, the 21 spice-blend Rogan Josh, the soft Banaras Malai Kofta and the classic Bazaar Ke Chole.

The Drinks
The menu includes Cocktails and Street Coolers like the Indian LIIT, Achari Whiskey, Kala-khatta Margarita, Delhi Shikanji, Masala Cola, and Lemon Chai Sherbet. Our menu comprises rare artisanal Teas sourced from the best sustainable estates across the country. Guests can also unwind with classic cocktails, and a range of beers, wines or domestic and international spirits, to enjoy with their starter plates or grills.

The People
Charcoal Concepts is a platform for specialist Indian food and beverage, founded by K Hospitality Corp. As the thought leader and leading company focused on Indian food, flavours, ingredients and dishes globally, the company takes a forward thinking and global approach towards the development and evolution of Indian cuisine.
A platform entity for specialist Indian cuisine and brands, Charcoal Concepts comes with a clear vision to conceptualize, incubate, develop, and grow leading brands in the Indian food space.
Backed by K Hospitality Corp – a leading hospitality and food services corporation built on the foundation of providing high quality, consistent and innovative food and beverage experiences to its guests.

Franchisee will be supported by a professional Food & Beverage team who will assist in setting up the business

Menu – Pricing Culinary Procedures Maintaining Systems and Standards Specification in respect of quality & brand of foodstuff Specification of raw materials and durables

Proven and user-friendly standard operating manuals

Assistance in Manpower Recruitment Training (managerial & technical expertise)

Point of sales (POS) Back office store system

Investor Profile

Capital adequacy to run the restaurant(s) as per country standards. Entrepreneurs or experienced business groups, with access to key locations in malls and high streets in local market.

Avaliable Locations

  • GCC
  • MENA
  • UK
  • USA
  • South East Asia

Operational Locations

  • India (13)
  • UAE (5)
  • Kuwait (4)

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