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Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia

Brand Manager: Winona Gagan

Froz offers a different experience through self-service by which the customer can makes a cup of yogurt or ice cream with many different options, whether fresh like fruits or like chocolate. Froz: a cup of fun you make by yourself.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Our objective is to offer high quality products and high-class service
  • Premium product attracting customers
  • Self-service in which the customer can make his own Ice cream cup
  • Froz is specialized in providing frozen yogurt & Ice cream
  • Froz offers Ice cream products like Froz Mini cone, Froz cubes, Froz Truffles, Froz cake, Froz bites
  • Froz Ice cream stick & smoothies stick
  • Fresh fruits & High-quality toppings
  • Froz party box offers Ice cream, toppings, spoons, napkins in the insulated box that fits your party theme
  • Using fresh and high-quality ingredients
  • 97% of the raw ingredients are imported from intelligent foods company has 25 years of Ice cream experience
  • Concept created to fill gap with in the market

About Froz

It established in Riyadh late of 2012 to be the headquarter of multi markets specialized in Iced products. Froz introduces a different experiment of self-service in which the customer can make his own Ice cream cup. Froz – multiple choices and assorted Add-ons of fresh fruit or others’ like chocolate.

As success means respecting customers, Froz is committed to present the products in a way and quality that satisfy its customers. We strive to meet all customers needs through all our branches, through our contribution of all types of customers’ celebrations or occasions, or through Ice cream cars supported with customer-specified quantity and quality with payment as your cup weighs, cookies and nuts add-ons. Froz specialty is in celebrations and occasions.

Froz (Make your own pleasure cup)

Training & Support

  • Our qualified staff will provide training in our Froz training centre as well as in one of our shop.
  • Operations manual.
  • We provide the franchisee full design plan by advising Interior & Exterior design and we visit during constructions to make sure Froz style is themed.
  • Opening support – we will guide you every step.
  • We offer a continuous wide range of support for the new & existing products.

Investor Profile

  • Ability to grow up Froz Ice cream brand in your region.
  • Sufficient capital to invest in Froz.
  • Seeking to work with both experienced and not experienced franchisees.

Available Locations

  • UK
  • Egypt
  • Turkey
  • UAE
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Oman

Operational Locations

  • Saudi Arabia (22)

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