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Country of Origin: UK

Brand Manager: Paul Cairnie

Our unique and leading dessert cafe has experienced exceptional UK growth over the last two years. Our Heavenly brand offers stunning store designs and luxurious desserts created and developed by outstanding artisans who fuse rich flavors and sumptuous ingredients.

Unique Business Proposition

  • An inspirational shop-fit and atmosphere;
  • Fresh product to the table;
  • Table service within our elegant designs;
  • Every store successful;
  • 18 months Return on Investment;
  • BFA accredited;
  • Discreet service style, ideal for families and couples;
  • Key customer profile: 18-40 years old;
  • UK average of £15,000 pw sales in our large store format;
  • EBITDA 20%+ year 1

About Heavenly Desserts

A pioneering luxury brand that has transformed the way we experience fine desserts, founded in 2008 and developed meticulously by our directors, Heavenly Dessert have been unrivaled in providing their customers with a unique dining experience. Our connoisseurs are at the heart of developing the ultimate taste and dining environment.

Our stores look tremendous and are versatile to whatever environment they are developed in, making for impressive return on investments for our franchise partners. This attention to detail has developed into 15 successful stores and another 10 in construction for 2019.

A truly pioneering company who have transformed the way we experience fine desserts worldwide.

Training & Support:

  • 4-week franchisee training
  • Initial recruitment of staff and training on-site
  • Year-round excellent marketing and social media
  • Funding support
  • Regular site visits

Investor Profile

  • Positive attitude;
  • Business experience;
  • Customer service excellence;
  • Sufficient investment capability, applied within a Development Agreement;
  • People person;

Available Locations

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Middle East
  • GCC
  • South East Asia
  • Europe
  • USA
  • South Africa
  • Worldwide

Operational Locations

  • UK
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