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Country of Origin: USA

Brand Manager: Paul Cairnie

Island of Treats is a self serve bulk confectionery, filled with a vast variety of delicious sweets. Customers are able to mix and match anything they please and best of all – everything is at the same price!

Unique Business Proposition

  • Large and growing. Island of Treats is the largest franchised retailer of candy kiosks in the world.
  • Simple. “Business-in-a-box” your candy shop is typically assembled under eight hours. Easy to operate with minimal retail experience required.
  • Why Wait? Don’t wait long to build out! We specialize in quick turnaround on our custom kiosks.
  • Unique Concept. Island of Treats designed their exclusive retail display unit focusing on providing the franchise operator ease of assembly and convenient daily operation.
  • Show me the candy. An assortment of over 300 different types of candies available.
  • Same price. No headache. Each kiosk is self-serve and features over seventy varieties of chocolates, nut and gummies that are priced all at the same rate. Best of all each transaction is typically very fast – just mix it, weight it and pay for it.
  • Affordable. You can get started for an estimated initial investment that is much less than a typical food concept.
  • Variety. Whether you are seeking halal or gelatin-free, we carry all the certified products that you may need.
  • Smiles for days… Each customer leaves with a smile and their dose of a sugar fix to satisfy their sweet tooth!
  • Everybody loves candy. There is no restrictions to who enjoys candy. We carry a wide customer base for all ages.

About Island of Treats

Come and discover a world of sweets! Island of Treats is a revolutionary bulk confectionery filled with a vast variety of delicious sweets – ranging from mouthwatering gummies, gourmet chocolates, to slowly roasted toffee nuts. Who doesn’t love to indulge themselves with the irresistible and sweet sensation of their favorite candy? Sweet or sour – there is always something for everyone to try at Island of Treats. Our passion and mission is creating smiles for all who we serve.

Customers are able to mix and match anything they please and best of all – everything is the same price! Just pay based on the weight of the bag. Get as much, or as little as you want to please your sweet tooth. Island of Treats provides 360 degree of sweetness through their exclusively designed custom displays.

Island of Treats is a genuine turn-key operation without the headaches and stressful pressures that are typically found in other food related businesses that involve cooking. There is no baking done on premises and all of your candy comes pre-packaged – ready to sell! Come on abroad with Island of Treats and grow with our sweet brand because we love to make our customers smile.

Training & Support

The initial training program is designed to provide you with the knowledge to manage and operate an Island of Treats concept – including systems, operations, marketing and sales techniques for the management of your confectionary unit. After the unit is installed, we will provide on-site support and training to you to get you started!

To simplify your operations, Island of Treats franchisee support teams includes development and leasing experts, operational support professionals, training managers and marketing managers.

Island of Treats offers annual franchise support. From Marketing Programs such as Social Media management, Brochure Designs, New Product Introductions, Media Pitches, Technical Phone Support, a detailed franchisee operation manual and quick access to personal assistance from the team at Island of Treats – you will always have a committed team leading you forward, every step of the way!

Investor Profile

Experience within retail operations and management of multiple employees and growth of retail locations would be categorized as an ideal candidate. Industry experience within retail, or specifically food retail, or food service industry experience (minimum 3+ years)

The ideal candidate has restaurant, mall, and/or high traffic venue experience, as well as key relationships in such venues; along with the know-how and capital to expand throughout the country or region of interest. Capital required case by case given area of interest. Dedication to creating a pleasant and fun experience in each and every location is a must.

Available Locations

  • UAE
  • USA
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • South East Asia
  • Eastern Europe
  • UK
  • Latin America
  • Worldwide

Operational Locations

  • USA (7)
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