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Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates

Brand Manager: Paul Cairnie

Indian Inspired Everyday Food for Everyone

Unique Business Proposition

  • Offering Kulcha to the World – Our yeast free home-made dough, layered with goodness of butter, our home blend herbs and spices, stuffed with a choice of fillings, all made by hand and baked crisp to perfection for an aromatic blast.
  • Homemade Recipe – Standard recipes for every menu item with our chefs own special secret recipes of marinades.
  • Brand Guidelines – Brand guidelines that are well thought through for the concept of fast casual with indian inspired elements that fits any markets. Whether at any of our restaurants or through reliable delivery systems, we guarantee consistent pleasure of food and service.
  • Management Expertise – A pool of talents in shaping dining outlets comprehensive turn-key assistance from set up to operations’ start. Site evaluation, Project management and architectural support, technical know-how, kitchen layout and menu planning, equipment selection, standard work flow processes, Marketing strategy and guidance, Financial acumen.
  • Brand Training – brand standard training for both back of the house as well as the front of the house team for successful launch of the operation.
  • Operational Excellence guidance – Standard Processes, work flow procedures and audit processes that assist companies in excelling the work efficiencies in stores and through deliveries. Kulcha King relies heavily on kitchen automation and standardization of recipes.
  • Product Specification Standards – A comprehensive list of products, equipment with specifications that suits the cuisine for the product quality and consistency. World class delivery packaging distinguish Kulcha King from the rest of the crowd.
  • Operational Audits – Periodical audits in a structured manner for ensuring the brand guidelines, standards, quality consistency, and business growth.

About Kulcha King

The Next big food trend is here. We are a scale-able, Indian inspired Fast Casual / QSR food concept for everyone at everyday prices that is Championing the Kulcha.

A Kulcha is a soft, crispy, stuffed baked dough which we have developed and perfected with rigorous R&D and it is ready to be the next food disruptor across the world.

We have grown to 11 corporately managed successful restaurants across 3 cities in the U.A.E and are proudly the top 3 “most preferred” Indian Restaurants in the Country.

Our core menu products include (Kulcha, Kebab, Biryani and Healthy Power Bowls). We are a Tech Led not a Chef Led Concept.

Born in the heart of Dubai, Kulcha King has been delighting Indian food lovers with rich textures and mouth-watering flavors since 2010. By offering dining and delivery experiences that reflect passion and warmth, Kulcha King brings you Indian inspired every day food, from Dubai to the World.

Championing Kulcha as the next food disruptor, we grew to 10 corporately managed restaurants covering Dubai & Sharjah and are amongst the top 3 “most preferred” Indian Restaurants in the market.

Training & Support:

Kulcha King Training comprises of:

  • Assistance in manpower recruitment and selection
  • Standard Recipe training – On the Job by our Chefs
  • Quality, Hygiene and Safety training for all food handlers
  • Front of the house sales training
  • Service and Production audit on training effectiveness
  • IT training on POS operation, cost / sales reports
  • Training on menu engineering and profitability
  • Training on Standard Operational process.
  • Site selection and help in fit outs

Investor Profile

Considering the business concept and formats that Kulcha King has in place and have found success in, an ideal partner would be an investor who has the following characteristics:

  • Investment Capacity: Entrepreneurs meeting with investment and space pre-requisites as per the format of franchise business chosen. We look for those who have capital investment potential to start minimum 3 outlets in one year in their chosen city/ region.
  • Ability to run the business: Those committed to run the business efficiently and expand the same on the long-term in association with us
  • Experience in Similar Industry: Individuals or entities with similar experience and passion for food and service with a strong belief in Kulcha King’s Success story
  • Ability to manage staff: We need franchisees who believe in people, capable of motivating them, conversant with training, daily administration and staff management
  • Network Strength: An expansive local network in their city/ region
  • Property at desired location: Franchisees with other franchised restaurants, or own restaurants of home-grown concepts and having already identified locations and properties for Kulcha King

Besides the above, our partner should have an understanding of the following aspects of this business:

  • Higher returns: Higher returns on the long run will be an attractive proposition against the initial investment risk. Sound Patience-meter is a pre-requisite as far as ROI and Payback period are concerned. Expect 2 to 3 years for payback.
  • Longevity: Longevity of the business is important for a franchisee to put in such investment, hence the term of the franchise agreement will be for ten years to ensure stability in the business and for the franchisee to reap the fruits of his investment for a long period.
  • Training Program: Franchisee should believe in skills set training and retention of talents. Hence selection of human resources and training will be closely monitored by Franchisor during the set up phase.

Although there will be a number of viable franchisees in the market, we are looking for partners who exhibit the following competencies in alignment with ours’:

  • High Values: Trust, Reliability, Accountability, Commitment to results, Consistency in everything, Service Excellence mindset.
  • High Personal Standards: Discipline, Operational savviness, Honesty, Integrity
  • Aggressive and Action oriented
  • Speed of response and ready to service any time
  • Quick to learn and to implement new learnings
  • Process and System oriented
  • Focused and attention to detail
  • Adaptive to new market’s trends

Available Locations

  • UAE
  • KSA (Riyadh)
  • Oman
  • India
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • UK
  • Europe
  • USA

Operational Locations

  • UAE (10)

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