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Country of Origin: USA

Brand Manager: Martin Hancock

Outback Steakhouse® is a casual dining leader. An Australian themed concept, our brand is unique in the marketplace. Established global platform with over 1,500 restaurants in 20 countries.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Established global platform with approximately 1,500 restaurants in over 20 countries and territories.
  • Commitment to high quality food, customer service, and overall dining experience.
  • Proven and successful track record of partnering with local talent.
  • Passion for collaboration, team building, and community.
  • Seasoned management team with strong international operating experience.
  • With an Australian themed concept, our brand is unique and differentiated in the marketplace.
  • Internationally recognized for food, quality, and experience by leading trade publications.

About Outback Steakhouse®

Outback Steakhouse® is an Australian-themed steakhouse restaurant.

The brand’s roots lie heavy as the authority on steak. Although beef and steak items make up a good portion of the menu, chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta dishes are also offered. Our strategy is to differentiate our restaurants by emphasizing consistently high-quality food and service, generous portions at moderate prices, and a casual atmosphere suggestive of the Australian Outback.

In 1988, Outback Steakhouse® was founded in Tampa, Florida by four friends who were all veterans of the hospitality industry and had the dream of opening their own restaurant. They wanted a place with a casual atmosphere and a strong focus on quality food and service.

They had a “No Rules, Just Right” mentality and took food very serious, but without taking themselves too seriously and operated under the premise that nothing stands in the way of pleasing the customer. Outback Steakhouse® quickly became known as the place that serves great steak at a reasonable price by people who genuinely cared about the comfort, well-being, and joy of their guests.

Today Outback Steakhouse® is an international casual dining leader with more than 200 restaurant locations outside the U.S., in over 20 countries, including Brazil, South Korea, Hong Kong, and China.

Training & Support

We pride ourselves on providing ample support for our franchisees. Our experience and key learnings will put you on solid ground and equip you with everything you need for the fun ahead. From the first steps of opening your restaurant to ongoing support, we’ll provide assistance with the following:

Site Selection & Design – Our footprints are flexible to meet the diverse needs of each location and a smaller footprint with improved economics is also available.

Supply Chain & Procurement – Assistance with Procurement, Logistics, Quality and Assurance, Planning and Analytics.

Research & Development – Considerable effort is made to ensure that the menu and products mirror the brand perception in the market to attract your targeted customer.

Construction – Seasoned leadership to help consult and guide you through the construction process.

Restaurant Operations Training – New store opening training support.

New Store Opening Marketing – Support in creating marketing plans and providing marketing materials for all channels and new store opening events.

Ongoing Assistance – Cross-functional ongoing support from all departments, including Finance, Marketing, Operations, R&D, Supply Chain, IT, and Human Resources.

Investor Profile

  • Proven track record in a hospitality, food service and/or restaurant environment.
  • Previous casual dining experience preferred.
  • Solid infrastructure dedicated to supporting the operations and development of our brands.
  • Local knowledge and market intelligence relating to consumer preferences, real estate, government regulations, labor, and distribution.
  • Passion for food, people, and community.
  • Financially strong, with material liquidity of $3.5M and access to capital.
  • Desire to grow.
  • Philosophically aligned with our culture.

Available Locations

  • Egypt
  • Kuwait
  • Morocco
  • Turkey

Operational Locations

  • USA (750)
  • Brazil (88)
  • S. Korea (74)
  • Hong Kong (10)
  • Japan (9)
  • Australia (8)
  • China (7)
  • Saudi Arabia (6)
  • Mexico (5)
  • Philippines (4)
  • Indonesia (4)
  • Puerto Rico (4)
  • Dominican Republic (2)
  • Malaysia (2)
  • Canada (2)
  • Costa Rica (1)
  • Qatar (1)
  • Guam (1)
  • Ecuador (1)
  • Singapore (1)
  • Thailand (1)
  • Bahamas (1)
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