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Italian Coffee Culture
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Product Details

Country of Origin: Italy

Brand Manager: Troy Franklin

Segafredo Select delivers ‘the pinnacle of Italian coffee culture’ to coffee lovers globally. It features modern Italian design, an exceptional food & drink offer, and the Italian relaxed ‘piazza’ atmosphere.

Unique Business Proposition

  • ARTISAN ROASTING, SPECIALTY BREWING Segafredo Select lets you match the best global speciality techniques on offer. From the Italian classics to global specialty brews, the new Segafredo Select range of roasts are crafted locally or at in-cafe Roasteries.
  • GOURMET ITALIAN FOOD, WINE & COCKTAILS Open new markets, increase spend per client and open up new times of the day with Segafredo Select. The offer can be extended to include authentic Italian dishes, gelato and pastry, premium Italian wines, coffee (and non-coffee) cocktails, opening the appeal of the franchise beyond coffee.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FOR EVERY NEED Segafredo Select is designed to fit perfectly in a wide range of markets and physical spaces. Each solution is entirely customizable, featuring ready-to-implement modularity with full turnkey execution and optional extras.

About Segafredo Select

Segafredo Select is the accessible-premium cafe concept created by MZB Services, the franchising division of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, a world leader in the production and marketing of roasted coffee, distributed in 110 countries, including a network of over 325 cafes.

Segafredo Select belongs to the true ‘Fifth Wave’ cafe school, pairing the artisan quality that customers expect with the professionalism in franchising that MZB Services can deliver at a global scale.

Targeted at a wide and growing audience of design-aware coffee lovers, Segafredo Select features the best of modern Italian styling. Serving exceptional coffee, from the Italian classics to global speciality brews, the concept also features artisan food, cocktails and gelato.

“With Segafredo Select we’re showing that we have the courage & capability to deliver the pinnacle of Italian coffee culture for a global audience.” Pascal Heritier – Chief Operating Officer – Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group.

To achieve this, each Select draws on the considerable experience and heritage of the Segafredo brand, featuring the best of modern Italian design, an exceptional Italian inspired food & drink offer and of course the unique Italian relaxed ‘piazza’ atmosphere that customers increasingly want.

Training & Support:

  • Initial in-country development training
  • 4 week Management & Operations training programs
  • On site Cafe Opening Training & Support
  • Periodic training programs & updates
  • Seasonal beverage & menu innovation

Investor Profile

We seek exclusive Area Developers ready to commit the necessary human and financial resources to successfully develop, manage and promote Segafredo Select in their territory. Ideally, currently involved in F&B and/or multi-unit retailing, with access to suitable locations, along with sufficient capital to finance the cafe development throughout the agreed term. Most importantly, a display of proven talent, which can devote their accumulated management and systems expertise to the advancement of their Segafredo SELECT franchise.

Available Locations

  • South East Asia
  • China
  • Middle East
  • GCC

Operational Locations

  • Cafes (325)
  • Countries (50)

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