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Country of Origin: Bahrain

Brand Manager: Yuliya Bilous

Asgharali is nearly a century old perfumery headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, that has laid its footprint in the perfumery market with over 100 company owned and franchised retail outlets in the Middle East and South Asia and over 40 distributors worldwide.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Homely feel in a systemized atmosphere.
  • Continuous innovation and product improvement to keep with the times.
  • Timely and regular new product launches backed by a comprehensive product development process.
  • Effective Merchandise Planning and Replenishment System.
  • Exceptional customer service and commitment to go an extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • Strong Brand Loyalty.
  • Exceptional understanding of human senses.
  • Universal acceptance of products.
  • Variety to serve all customer and income segments.
  • Existence of products that create value for lives.
  • Strict quality control compliance and latest technology utility.
  • Reliable supply chain.
  • “Go Green” production practices.
  • Management Team and Staff who are passionate about the product.

About Asgharali

Asgharali is nearly a century old brand headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, that has won the hearts of consumers worldwide and laid its footprint in the perfumery market with over 100 company owned and franchised retail outlets in the Middle East and South Asia and over 40 distributors worldwide in regions from Eastern Europe to South America.

The company’s proficiency in oriental aromas gives it the edge in the provision of products craved by clientele in the Middle East and have even evoked desire from occidental countries.

Hand crafted ornamental packing in sync with traditional culture and values touches the heart and carries sentimental value as domestic antiquities.

The bakhoor product range encompassing natural fragrance extracts in enticing forms bears an unfathomable demand.

Cosmetics comprising of the customary solid perfumes and the modern skin series create hysteria to engulf the lotion, ripple in its softness, be enchanted by its eternal fragrance and be tempted by its edible fruity sensation.

Gift sets of various assortments are a popular delight for every occasion and event.

The design of the Asgharali retail outlet concept is in vogue with modern times, spacious, has a myriad of blends and has a uniform structure creating synergy between the outlets.

Under the Asgharali Franchise Model the Franchisor would conduct training sessions for the Franchisee staff coupled with advice and recommendations on the hiring of new staff as and when needed. If required the Franchisee on its own or at the recommendation of the Franchisor could also provide customized training for its staff.

The Franchisor would reimburse the Franchisee at a pre-agreed percentage of the stock standard value in lieu of expenditure for the purpose of renovation of the retail outlet. Further the Franchisor will provide the Franchisee with rebates on any products proposed for permanent mark down or retail discount.

Investor Profile

  • Hard-working with a desire to succeed.
  • Good people skills including business, management and customer service skills.
  • High personal standards: excellence, honesty and integrity.
  • Somewhat risk averse and have a desire to purchase a proven product.
  • Ability to work within a system.
  • Stability and maturity.
  • Good financial backing.
  • Stable corporate lineage.
  • Can easily obtain suitable locations in the countries of operation.
  • Experience in the same or similar industry would be preferred.

Available Locations

  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Algeria
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Turkey
  • Kazakhstan
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • UK
  • Singapore
  • Argentina

Operational Locations

  • Saudi Arabia (72)
  • Oman (7)
  • Qatar (6)
  • UAE (5)
  • Pakistan (2)
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