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Country of Origin: Denmark

Brand Manager: Yuliya Bilous

The combination of original creativity, good business sense and a love for quirkiness is what sets Trollbeads Jewelry apart from competitors. Trollbeads jewelry is made from eighteen-carat gold, sterling silver, glass, pearls and precious stones, and is created from a blend of traditional and modern techniques.

Unique Business Proposition

  • The Original.
  • A design driven company.
  • Authentic.
  • More than a product – a Story Telling.
  • A collector object – you sell a subscription for life!
  • A Family business.
  • Quality & diversity.
  • TROLL – Unexpected – Out of the box!
  • Always able to deliver (within 2 to 5 days) – Outstanding High Level of Service!

About Trollbeads

The combination of original creativity, good business sense and a love for quirkiness is what sets Trollbeads apart from competitors. It is these key factors that have made Lise Aagaard Copenhagen an international, professional and modern business, producing millions of beads and catering to customers in over 50 countries.

Designed by silversmith Søren Nielsen in 1976, the very first Trollbeads were quirky silver charms with a hole through the middle that could be strung on a piece of leather.

Trollbeads jewelry is made from eighteen-carat gold, sterling silver, glass, pearls and precious stones, and is created from a blend of traditional and modern techniques. The gold and silver Trollbeads are modeled using the so called ‘cire perdu’ or ‘lost wax’ method. This 3,000 year old technique allows for fine details to be reproduced from wax to precious metals. While every Trollbeads glass beads are hand made from red-hot glass in the open flame.

As the beads became more and more popular the collection slowly grew and diversified. Gold and pearl beads were introduced and new locks were designed making it possible for the end user to add or remove beads and experiment with different combinations themselves.

In 2002 the first glass beads entered the Trollbeads collection and since then demand has grown exponentially.

Today Trollbeads is represented in more than 50 countries worldwide and is still growing – now we’re inviting you to explore this world where every bead has a story and every story has a bead.

Trollbeads distributors are as unique as the jewelry. What all our distributors do have in common is a passion for Trollbeads, good business sense, and a sound knowledge of their own market.

Trollbeads distributors are the essential link between the head office in Copenhagen and the end users. Successful distributors can seamlessly blend the Trollbeads’ culture and the local culture to find a unique niche for Trollbeads within the marketplace.

We trust that our distributors know their market best, so we offer you the freedom to explore your local marketing and distribution channels based on our global branding strategy & backed by full support from the team at Lise Aagaard Copenhagen.

That is the beauty of Trollbeads – individuality is the key to success.

International Marketing Strategy

In 2010 we launched a new logo and B2C website – The Trollbeads Universe. To emphasize the brand values – diversity, detail, elegance, personality, quality, courage, humour and troll – it is important continuously to work on sharpening our profile.

In spring 2011 we have launched a new global branding concept: “Open up to the world of Trollbeads”. Our point of reference is the nature and light of the North complimented by the presence of a beautiful woman in sync with nature. Not only does this symbolize the origin of Trollbeads, it is also acknowledged as a mythological land of trolls, fairies and magical stories. This is our statement.

Absolutely none of our competitors have the same statement. We offer our distributors high quality marketing materials, including catalogues, photos, advertisements, display signs, posters and even videos, in an easily downloadable format.

To help you get started quickly and easily we offer a solid, user friendly, IT work platform. With Trollbeads Partner, our B2B site, we provide you with all the online tools and infrastructure you’ll need to be a Trollbeads distributor.

Trollbeads Partner – BtoB – Seamless order integration from TBP to your finance system (ERP) – Order treatment from retailers/distributor – Distributor/LAC – Digital marketing material available for upload – Merchandising ordering – Easy to get started with an advanced platform for marketing, communication with retailers and end-customers

Trollbeads Universe – BtoC – Support the branding of an international brand – Possibilities to localize global events – This is your local website to your end consumers ready for use and easy to customize to the local language. A global portal to the world of Trollbeads.

Investor Profile

General Standing

  • Qualified High Level Retail Developer/Investor
  • Expert & experienced on the U.A.E jewelry/retail market
  • Ability to reach out to the entire U.A.E market through own network and eventually partners
  • Experienced with other Scandinavian/Western brands (synergy effect is sought)
  • Strong Network into shopping malls (mainly Dubai & Abu Dhabi)

Soft Values

  • Passion for the product – good understanding of the Trollbeads concept and history
  • Knowledge and creative competences within Design
  • Loyalty – trustworthiness and mutual respect (to avoid copying the concept)
  • Good communication skills in English both on the strategic and operational level

Sales & Marketing

  • Independent partner (low level of involvement of LAC Copenhagen)
  • Seeking long term opportunities and sales potential
  • Willingness to build the brand gradually
  • Ability to build the sales and marketing strategy to the U.A.E market
  • Willingness to dedicate/build a sales organization &/or a separate division to Trollbeads
  • Network/Access to middle & high end consumers/concept stores/department stores/shopping malls
  • Ability to adjust the provided marketing package to fit the local market needs
  • Experienced with branding western brands in the U.A.E


  • Well established company with sales organization – Operations & back office setup
  • Willingness to make an initial investment based on the opening of a substantial number of stand-alone concept shops; shop in shop & branded corners
  • Good business sense and strong sales skills/experience
  • Familiar with import duties and other rules importing silver/gold

Available Locations

  • UAE
  • Singapore
  • Brazil
  • Turkey
  • Chile
  • Philippines

Operational Locations

  • USA (1000)
  • Germany (950)
  • UK (450)
  • Belgium (380)
  • Italy (350)
  • Scandinavia (300)
  • France (150)
  • Australia (135)
  • Austria (102)
  • Spain (100)
  • Canada (93)
  • Switzerland (75)
  • South Africa (41)
  • Estonia (32)
  • Argentina (22)
  • Czech Republic (20)
  • Greece (12)
  • Japan (8)
  • Hong Kong (7)
  • S. Korea (3)
  • Lebanon (2)

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