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Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia

Brand Manager: Winona Gagan

The largest oriental perfumes retailer in the world, Arabian Oud offers an alternative to perfumes of a chemically-laden nature with products that symbolize beauty and well-being which has gained far-reaching popularity worldwide.

Unique Business Proposition

  • With over 35 years of experience, Arabian Oud is the largest perfume retailer in the US$1.5 billion industry.
  • Arabian Oud owns, operates and franchises over 800 stores with more than 250,000 loyal, regular customers worldwide with revenues exceeding US$300 million and with a production capacity of 35 million perfume bottles per year.
  • Arabian Oud offers its franchisees an opportunity to own and operate a successful business in one of the top five industries in the world.
  • A product line with a long shelf life where products become a long-term asset for the business.

About Arabian Oud

With “Hundreds of Years in the Making”, Arabian Oud takes its name from the Agarwood Tree which forms the natural base for many of the Arabian Oud classic oil perfumes. The Tree is left to mature for several hundred years before the fragrant wood is extracted for use in incense and perfumes.

Being the largest oriental perfumes retailer in the world, Arabian Oud offers an alternative to perfumes of a chemically-laden nature. Our rich proprietary scents are now the symbol of beauty and wellbeing and are used as an aid to spiritual meditation to enhance mental clarity.

Because of its welcoming aroma, our fragrances have gained far-reaching popularity and has become the most demanded fragrance in the Middle East and many other regions of the world.

Franchise Support:

As Arabian Oud franchise owner, you immediately get to experience a successful business with support from a professional management and operational team already supporting a network of more than 800 stores worldwide. By obtaining Arabian Oud franchise rights in your target market, you will embark on top of the highest point of its learning curve with vast experience in the perfume and fragrance business.

You will also have the right to use a substantial amount of accumulated knowledge of business management, sales and marketing, business administration and day-to-day operation in addition to values, principles, practices and corporate policies of Arabian Oud.

In addition to the right to use Arabian Oud trade name and marks, expertise and know-how, operational systems and the rights to sell its proprietary products in your retail stores you will also obtain an option to trade online and an option to operate a distribution network subject to fulfilling Arabian Oud requirements.

Franchisee training covers launching the new business in your target area, product and job knowledge, day-to-today operations, inventory management, supply chain, customer service, sales and overall managing of a successful business.

Investor Profile

  • Business-orientated company or group with retail experience
  • Ability to fund the growth of the business in the target country
  • Knowledge of the real estate market in the target country and accessibility to prime locations
  • Ability to recruit highly skilled management and operational staff
  • Dedicated focus on retail sales and marketing

Available Locations

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Russian Federation
  • Australia
  • South East Asia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Turkey

Operational Locations

  • Worldwide (800)
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