Specialty blended Coffee and Non-Coffee Stall that provides customers the finest quality and affordable beverages in the most efficient time.

FARRON CAFÉ Business Proposition:

  • Excellent Product Assortment
  • Credible Franchising System (Francorp & PFA)
  • Efficient Service System
  • Consistent CSR

About the FARRON CAFÉ:

Country of origin: Philippines
Number of Outlets: 257

In a country where a cup of good coffee is a favored staple that’s enjoyed almost any time of the day, it is no wonder that coffee shops both big and small have gained scorching success over the years. Among the brewing bunch, one particular coffee franchise – Farron Café of couple Farwa and Ronnel Hombre – has risen above expectations and competition in the coffee-on-the-go concept.

Farron Café’s brewing success is a mix of hardships and triumphs — a humble origin that’s strengthened by the couple’s combined hard work and perseverance. An independent homegrown business that proudly brings simple “Filipino” taste to affordable yet premium quality line of signature blends, Farron CafCafé’s inspiring story is one that proves how genuine passion, sacrifice, grit and ingenuity can empower a business — from starting out small to growing successfully by leaps and bounds.

FARRON CAFÉ Currently Operates in these Countries:


FARRON CAFÉ Training & Support:

  • Master Franchisee Training
    Classroom and hands on training about coffee preparations for the key members of your management team at franchisor training stores in Manila, Philippines.
  • Opening Support
    Support and guidance before and during the opening of the first store in the country or territory. Brand launch activities prior to the opening of the first store.
  • Ongoing Support
    Store Visit to the country or territory, guidance and assistance relating to annual business, store operations, refreshment training and continued enhancement of products, system and brand.

FARRON CAFÉ International Franchisee Profile:

  • Capital
  • Industry Experience
  • Marketing

FARRON CAFÉ Franchise Opportunities Available in these Countries:


Brand Manager: Troy Franklin – troy@worldfranchiseassociates.com | +60-19-210-1909 

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Learn more about this franchise opportunity
Brand manager: Troy Franklin
troy@worldfranchiseassociates.com +60-19-210-1909
Learn more about this franchise opportunity
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