How Cast Powerul Love Spell With Picture

Love spell with picture

In one of our previous articles about the love spell with picture we promised to tell you how to unite your soul with the subconscious mind with a drawing in order to tell your future. Our subconscious mind knows exactly what is going on, while our soul stores information about our future. We promised to tell you about it if you, our readers, found it interesting. So, having received hundreds of letters from you, we’re now going to keep our word.

We talked to a famous and very powerful esoteric expert to add value to our article. Spellcaster Maxim kindly agreed to help us. You can visit his website by following the link SpellsHelp.COM.

Tips for casting an effective spell

Below are some tips given by spellcaster Maxim on how to make drawings to tell your future:

  • To access your soul, turn off all electrical devices in your house. Close the windows. Make it perfectly quiet in your house.
  • Sit down comfortably. Put your hands on the table. Sit still for 20-30 minutes.
  • Light a candle with a match. Keep your eyes on the flame, admiring its beauty.
  • Think about the person you love. Create his mental image in your mind. Try not to think about anything at all. Don’t even think about the fact that you’re not thinking about anything at the moment (that’s where most people make a mistake).
  • If you feel love and have reached internal peace, it means you’re ready.
  • Prepare to use your left hand if you’re right-handed and your right hand if you’re left-handed.
  • Draw yourself and your loved one on the first sheet of paper using sharp colored pencils. Put the drawing away. You’ll need to study it closely later.
  • Draw yourself and your loved one moving towards each other. Don’t think about anything as you draw. Let your soul and subconscious mind draw what they want.
  • Then let them draw your future. It’s believed that your drawing is good if it surprises you, as if it was drawn by another person. You’ll be surprised at your own drawing only if you don’t suppress your soul and your brain with your thoughts and dreams.

Love spell with picture

Love binding spells using pictures

Casting love binding spells using pictures can tell you a lot about your future. Let’s review the first drawing. It shows you and the target the way you see yourself and the person you have romantic feelings for. The distance between you shows how far you’re from each other emotionally. The bigger the distance, the farther you are. It’s really bad if you’re drawn on the opposite sides of the sheet.

Study the colors prevailing in each of you. Each color has a meaning:

Black – anger, cruelty, selfishness, cold-heartedness.

Brown – foolishness, messiness, lack of self-love, self-interest, inability to love.

Orange – hot-temperedness, high libido, mood swings, ability to develop new emotional connections fast.

Yellow – mental disorders with symptoms or asymptomatic, may indicate a love spell put on you or your loved one.

Green – love, spirituality, prevalence of the sensual over the mental.

Light green – frivolity, amorousness, pathological infidelity.

Red – good for women because it indicates loyalty and reliability, but bad for men because it indicates that the man will suppress his romantic partner.

Pink – infantilism, artificial weakness, manipulation.

Dark blue – simplicity, loyalty, strength, reliability.

Blue – romance, innocence, lack of judgement, spiritual dependency on the romantic partner.

Purple – sign of divinity; if you drew yourself with purple, you’ll be in control of your relationship and start/end it as you wish; if you drew your partner with purple, your partner will be the one in control and your life will depend on his decisions and wishes, in which case only a trained spellcaster will be able to influence him.

Gray – reticence, desire to be alone, distrust, this person will never fully trust you or open up to you.

Spellcaster Maxim recommends studying the drawings only after finishing all three of them. You won’t be able to fully suppress your consciousness without practice, so you may fall victim to your own illusions. Knowing what each of the colors represents, you may be tempted to draw what you want your future to be like, instead of what your soul is telling you. It’s self-deception. It’s like choosing a psychic who is telling you what you want to hear over those who are telling the truth.

Powerful love spell with picturePowerful love spell with picture that work

Speaking of your powerful love spell with picture, pay attention to the following things. The more clothes you draw, the less you trust each other. If you draw yourself and your beloved naked, it means there are no obstacles standing in the way of your love. If you’re also facing each other, it means a simple love spell will be sufficient for you to start a relationship with this person. If you’re looking in the opposite directions while standing on the opposite sides, you need help of an experienced enchanter, shaman or occult expert.

Whoever looks taller in the drawing will be the leader in your relationship. The one with a bigger head is smarter. If you drew yourself wearing clothes but your beloved naked, you don’t really love this person. Moreover, you look down on him and want to humiliate him. If you drew any signs of wealth, you’re attracted to the target’s money. If you drew yourself as a princess and your beloved as a prince, you’re a romantic person and a daydreamer, and you refuse to accept reality.

Binding love spell using pictures

The drawing of your future should be interpreted in a similar way. Before you cast a binding love spell using pictures, perform this ritual and examine the colors you used, as well as all the additional symbols and objects you drew (such as a wall between you or a pit separating you).

Marriage spell with picture

Pay attention to what you and your loved one are doing in the drawing. One of spellcaster Maxim’s clients told him that in her drawing the man she loved was choking her. She didn’t take it seriously and ordered a binding love spell. Then she ordered a marriage spell. However, her marriage fell apart in less than a year. Her husband didn’t literally choke her but he made her quit her job, stop talking to her girlfriends and even family members because he wanted to have full control of her life. Of course, she couldn’t take it for long and ended up asking Maxim to break the previously cast spells.

We’d like to clarify that it wasn’t spellcaster Maxim who cast the initial spells. He would never have done it, knowing what’s going to happen after! As an experienced enchanter, he studies all versions of the client’s future and puts the one into effect that will make the client truly happy. Spellcaster Maxim wouldn’t have let it happen. With thousands of happy clients worldwide, this sorcerer can be trusted.

However, the topic of casting love spells using pictures hasn’t been fully covered yet and we’re sure to talk more about it in one of our future articles.


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