How did the creator of the leukoplower become the vice-president of Johnson and Johnson? (part 2)

As all the brilliant, the solution found by Erl was extremely simple. He cut the gauze to the quadrangles and pasted them on a sticky medical tape. From above, Dickson pasted a strong fabric tape and turned it all into a roll. Having stopped, Josephine remained only to cut off a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the chopped place. About his successful find, Dikson told Johnson's brothers, his superiors. Their surprise there was no limit when the employee demonstrated them ease of dressing with the help of a leucoplasty. Without losing time, the Johnson brothers in the same 1920 set up the release of sticky medical bandages of a new type. At first, the manufacture of the leukoplower was hand-made and did it on the recipe of the inventor of Dixon in the form of a tape 45 cm long and 7 cm wide. But, as it turned out, consumers were not ready to appreciate the novelty and its sales went pretty sluggish. In 1924, the process of producing sticky dressings was automated. The company began to produce a smaller leucoplasty and the demand for it increased.

Patch with cartoon heroes
Since then, billions of small comfortable minibes were used. In all life circumstances, they come to help a person with minor damage. As for the inventor himself, he worked all his life at Johnson and Johnson, whose vice president he became over time. The invention of Erla continued to be improved. In 1940, "Johnson and Johnson" settled the release of the leukoplower in the shell with a narrow red ribbon. When a person pulls behind a ribbon, the shell opened. These ribbons began to apply for packaging various goods. To attract the buyer, since 1956 began to produce patches with various pictures. The attachment with the image of cartoons and animals is especially attractive for children who tend to capricious when parents stick to them scratch.

People prone to search for sensations prefer to look for great riddles in cosmic depths or at least at the bottom of the ocean. At the same time, the real wonders of human talent are hidden in the most ordinary household trifles. For each familiar to us from infant years, things lies the labor of many ingenious inventors and visiting their great insights. Life consists primarily of the little things. And the story of the little things is no less fascinating and interesting than the chronology of great events. Both forms human civilization.

Today it is difficult to even imagine that there are no time people got without a cell phone, a camera and ... of the same leukoplasty. Nevertheless, all this was and was not so long ago. Ahead of us is waiting for new fascinating inventions that will make human life more interesting and more diverse. Nevertheless, we should not forget about those amazing stories that keep silent things created in the past, far or not. The online poker games available today can be played online with very easy access via the smartphone you are using. And to play poker online, it can be played through poker agents spread throughout Indonesia. Besides that, IDN POKER has been proven to be the most fair and pure 100% player versus player site in poker online judi poker online , which means that there are no bots/cheat mechanisms in it. Deposit business transactions are really affordable, which is only 10 thousand and the minimum wd is 20 thousand rupiah. Any winnings that we achieve will be paid out 100% without a dime tax deduction.


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