Cat in the house: how to teach children to handle animals

People who bring home pets immediately make children play with him. And this is a mistake. A rush acquaintance between a cat and children can make an animal nervous due to the fact that she is next to the children unknown. Instead, gradually make contact for a week or two. Then the cat will be given as much time as it needs to be completely comfortable. The following five steps will allow you to acquaint children with animals without stress.

Step 1. Keep calm

As soon as the cat succeeds to acclimatize, it will be able to inspect the house without the presence of children, ask the guys to sit quietly in a room that is familiar to the cat. Make sure that, being indoors, the cat will be able to quickly and safely go away if he wants. An animal can come and sniff those present. Let it provoke any interactions (if any). No matter how seductive it looked, advise the child at first not to touch the cat.

Step 2. A gradual increase in time spent together

Gradually increase the amount of time that the cat and children spend together during the first few weeks, and give them enough time before allowing them to touch the cat. Play with cats for cats is normal, but try not to allow the child to noise much. If they do it, interrupt the introductory session and let the animal a little space. The first impression is of great importance, so try not to hurry with these stages.

Step 3. First step behind animals

You should teach children to touch the cat only if it approaches them first. It is not advised to pester or take an animal to attract attention, as it will quickly learn to avoid them. It is important that the cat can calmly get used to the guys at their own pace without overloading themselves.

Step 4. Teach Cat Communication

Encourage children to touch the cats mainly for her chin, cheeks and between ears and do not touch the cat tail and tummy (even if these areas can be especially seductive). It is also nice to help the child to determine the signs that the cat likes communication, and, more importantly, when it is quite satisfied or feels discomfort.

Step 5. Games without touch

Toys, sticks and toys on the ropes will give children the opportunity to play with a cat, but also allow you to save the distance. An animal must be used to your new family. Make sure it has access to at least one zone free of children. Как можно заметить, в онлайн казино бездепозитный бонус дает преимущества для всех – для участников и администрации игорного клуба. Осталось только разобраться, для чего нужны такие привилегии. Многие новички считают, что заведение в действительности делает им подарок в виде бездепов , хотя на самом деле, оно просто-напросто их заманивает возможностью получения прибыли. Конечно, выиграть можно, но для вывода честно заработанных денег придется обзавестись терпением, поскольку каждое заведение предлагает свои условия, и соблюсти их непросто.


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