Optimism preserves health

Doctors have long noted that people who are optimistic are so much more raw. The study, completed recently in Harvard, has proved optimism, at least contributes to the preservation of heart health and cardiovascular system. Scientists analyzed the results of more than 200 studies, one way or another concerned with diseases of cardiovascular system, and came to an unambiguous conclusion - optimism maintains health.
Previously, doctors have already proved that the main factors leading to the development of heart disease are depression and stress. In turn, optimism and satisfaction with life create the very feeling of peace of mind and well-being, which improves heart health.

The results of the study were in a sense of paradoxical. So, people who felt satisfaction with their lives and felt happy, turned out to be healthier than those who are configured pessimistically. Moreover, a decrease in the risk of heart disease was noted regardless of the body mass index, and the presence of age, socio-economic and other factors.

Moreover, the feeling of happiness, as physicians proved, helps to reduce blood pressure, as well as normalization of cholesterol levels in the blood. As a result, optimists are less likely to become diabetes mellitus, hypertension, coronary heart disease, suffer from heart attacks and strokes. Is this not a reason to revise your attitude to life?

Optimism is age

According to American psychologists from Kansas, today more than 90% of people living in the world are optimists. So, the absolute majority of respondents from 140 countries who participated in the study showed that people are convinced that life will only improve compared to what it was and what is now.

Psychologists believe that positive thinking or optimism is the natural state of the human psyche, but it was more interesting to compare the age of optimism. So, the most optimistic was set up ... The older generation people, many of which crossed the 70-year-old frontier. Young people belong to the future most critical, and middle-aged people, although they hope for the best, still believe that it is better to prepare for any turn of events.

Psychologists argue that such results are fully justified: optimists live longer, this is explained by the results of the study. The Asda store opening times are flexible and vary across the country. The supermarket Asda also has petrol stations that are open later. The company will continue to prioritise shoppers in larger stores. The opening hours of Asda will vary for petrol stations as well. You can check Asda store opening times on https://open4u.co.uk/33225-asda-superstore-126-smithdown-road-liverpool.html Most Asda stores will open at 7am on Easter Monday, before closing at the earlier time of 7pm.


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