Errors on the way to beauty Part 1

You have devoted all your life to the struggle for harmony, and the desired measures remain just a dream. What prevents you from achieving your goal? There are several major errors in nutrition that can discharge all your efforts to failure.

* You forgot the water
How much liquid do you drink per day? And no less important question, what exactly do you drink? If you take a little liquid, the body goes into economical mode, the metabolism is slowed down and the energy is accumulated in the form of fat stocks. Without a sufficient amount of water, all internal organs, especially the intestines, do not work normally. As a result, it is difficult to update tissues, and you do not lose weight.
The recipe is known from which - 1.5-2 liters. "Right" fluids per day. This means non-carbonated, without sweeteners and with a minimum content of caffeine, preservatives and dyes. The best water base for weight loss is natural mineral water, green tea, herbal decoctions and fresh juices.

* Lack of important elements
Calcium and potassium play a key role in metabolism. They are responsible for the transformation of fat into energy and purification of the body from toxins. Potassium eliminates fabrics and from unnecessary liquids, which are one of the main perpetrators of the non-source species of the figure. Unfortunately, not only is calcium and potassium are in insufficient quantities in the modern menu, but we also often overdo it with salt. As a result, instead of shooting centimeters, we notice with horror that, on the contrary, our legs have swollen.
Restore healthy mineral balance in the body. For this you only need to eat enough fresh vegetable food. Many potassium contain apples, carrots, pumpkin and banana.

* Quantity matters
Even the lowest calorie food can be fatal for your shape if you take it in huge quantities. First, because the large volume will inevitably expand your stomach, and it will be needed increasingly and more food so that you do not feel hunger. Secondly, many products marked as "dietary" are completely unhealthy. Usually not only the difference in calories with their "undishetic" equivalent is very small, but also added chemicals in a large dose are dangerous to health.
How can you protect yourself from overeating? Prepare a small amount of food, best for one portion. So you will not be seduced to add yourself. Also, make purchases every day in small quantities so that there are no many products in your house. Hire software programmers with Echo.


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