Main technical indicators and general characteristics of the national jam

The greatest depth in the pier's head is 6.0 m; From the flight of the top of the top - in the range of 2.00-2.20 m; The width of the roadway - 5.68 m; The width of the roadway between the internal ridges of Tumb - 5.30 m; With a bias of the bottom 1:20 - 1:15, a set of ~ 100 m, the pouls must provide a gentle front of ~ 40 m, with a minimum depth of ~ 4.5 m, wood consumption for 1 pound. m pier - 3-3.5 m.

Loads: evenly distributed to 2.0 t / m2; The leaf pressure on the axis to 4.0 tons, tracked, not exceeding 20.0 tons.

General characteristics of the pier

The pier consists of a beneficial structure and plashing supports. The design of the pier is collapsible. Its main elements are: supports from plashkoots, the design of which is offered by the author by type of American rudge with a trim three depths from 4.0 m or more, the support consists of 2 plashkuts at height, and with smaller - from one. Six middle plashing supports are connected to a spanular structure with the help of triangular frames, terrible for plashcoats and allowing plashing supports an independent movement during precipitation in the longitudinal direction. To ensure this movement, the hole of the axis of rotation on the support has a greater cross section than the axis itself.

Three root supports where precipitates have smaller values ​​are connected to a span of a hard bond. The headpower is associated with the plenty of use. The span structure consists of double runs, transverse and flooring. All connections are on bolts, which allows both an assembly and disassembly.

The pier consists of plash-in supports, triangular frames, plenty.

The design of the plastics is an American rj with a trim, and four lower rods have a comprehensive trim, and the rest with an open deck for the placement of triangular frames, as well as for loading and unloading, their ballast. The plastics frame, similar to the American stern, consists of a bars with a cross section of 16x16 cm and the length in the transverse direction 6.5 m and in the longitudinal 5.0 m. Only the top, and the lower strapping is connected to the Poltera, which ensures better supporting the trim. The beads and decks are common, from the boards with a thickness of 5-6 cm. Bords can be shifted in order to save boards with the insert in the lumens between the ripples; Typically, the strength and filtering conditions can be provided with at least 3-4, cm thickness. In order to avoid complication of work-related works, the lining can be accepted or only vertical from the board 4-5 cm or vertical of 3-centimeter boards and Horizontal of 4-centimeter boards. B Each separate case, the sides of the sides can be accepted according to one of the 3 specified types. It should be noted that the plastics as the upper and the lower will be filled with water under the conditions of lowering them when assembling. With disassembly, the water can be removed. In this case, filtering conditions acquire the current value, but on a very limited time. The board of the plastics towers above the water horizon on average by 0.6 m, which ensures assembly and disassembly. The reason for the success of this bet is easily explained: the opportunity is clear compared to some of its competitors and impressive sporting events where you can make bets. 1xBet Promo Code for India and using this when creating your account will make you eligible for an exclusive bonus up to 13000 INR for the sportsbook. Confirm your registration by clicking on the verification email from the bookie; Claim your welcome bonus 13,000 INR. Create an account on 1x Bet. Indeed, we can conclude, 1xBet India is the best offer for gambling online. 1xbet India Bonus Offers 2022.


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