Union of two stories: Interview with Vlodzimezh Jastrzbski

However, we have hundreds of testimony of Polish witnesses, very similar. We have about a thousand testimony of Polish witnesses about the German sabotage and about a thousand written memories of the pre-war German residents of Bydgoszna that there was nothing like that. On the other hand, the facts are such that we have several hundred victims with the German side, unfortunately, many of them are women and old people. This is an indication that it was a more retaliatory action than the fight with specially trained and prepared saboteurs.

- How to treat such a number of victims on the "other" side? After all, at first, the Germans called the figure about five thousand, then in propaganda, it increased to more than 58 thousand.

- There is a dossier of the residents of the ordgotch, preserved from the interwar period, there is an address book, and they constitute the basis for checking the list compiled by the Nazis. I think you can trust the estimates of an amateur historian, the author of several books and a pre-war resident of Bydgoskaya Gogo Rasmus. This is exactly 358 people, the inhabitants of augable German origin, which died on September 3 and 4, 1939. In addition, Rasmus adds 7 Germans who died in Polish form, and another 65 people with Marsham on Lovich. Only 430 people are named by name. Discrepancies can be very small.

- And the number of victims from the Polish side?

- This is a serious problem. Honestly no one worked. It was possible to calculate only the Polish soldiers who died in Bydgoszcha on September 3 and 4. This number ranges from 20 to 30.

- What, in your opinion, actually happened in Bydgosk, at that mourner Sunday?

"I am increasingly convinced that the Poles could not stand the tensions and propaganda war, which the German side leads from spring and accuses Poles in the persecution of the German minority. The Poles argued that the German minority was spy, saboteurs, etc. The authorities had no evidence of this. On the other hand, actual sabotage, there was practically proven espionage. Sometimes ridiculous accused of a neighbor is that, for example, with the help of a mirror, he signals the aircraft that someone hid a radio station in a bag with flour, etc. The Polish press was all the time adhered to such a tone. As everywhere, a lot of evil was born from envy. The Germans who remained in Pomerania after the First World War were mainly rich. The Poles were outraged by the fact that they have no work, they are starving in their homeland, and the Germans are doing very well. In the rapid and its surroundings, even before the start of the war, the local national democracy and Haller began to organize militarized groups of blue legions to try to protect the city. Bonus for 2021 1xBet Promo code for registration. Sports betting Up to 130%. Free promo code 1xBet at registration 2021. All new members of the club can receive a bonus in the amount of 130%. Register an account by email or by linking accounts of popular social networks and receive a bonus of up to 130% on your first deposit. To credit bonuses, you need to replenish your account from a bank card or e-wallet, not forgetting to indicate 1XBET Free Promo Code . In order for the bonus to become available for withdrawal, a simple condition must be met.


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