Thermal blow: symptoms and first aid

Thermal blow is a serious problem especially in the summer. Most often, children, elderly people and people with cardiovascular problems are subjected to this problem.
It is universally known that people working in difficult conditions are more likely to receive heat strokes. The main symptoms can be: redness of the skin, nausea, headache, cramps, dizziness, etc. Often with a strong blow, a high temperature of up to 40 degrees Celsius may appear. In this case, it is necessary to immediately give an antipyretic.
Sometimes the thermal blow is manifested in the form of vomiting and severe dehydration, in which case it is urgent to drink the at room temperature injured with warm water. In no case do not let drink cold water, as this can cause spasm and vomiting.
Often, with a strong heat stroke, there is no sweating. Or if a blow is a consequence of complex physical exercises, stickiness of the skin is possible. It is also worth paying attention to the frequency of the heartbeat, since if it is more than 100 beats per minute urgently, urgently cause an ambulance.

First aid.
The first thing to do is cause urgent help. No matter how confident you are confident in your abilities, it is still worth calling doctors. After all, if you do not provide professional assistance at first, this can lead to sad consequences.
Secondly, it is necessary to transfer the victim to the shadow or if it is not possible to do this, just blur a shadow.
Thirdly, take off all the tight clothes, this will not interfere with your breath.
Fourth, put the victim on his back and put something under his head so that the head is above his legs. If the victim is native, it is worth turning it on its side, thereby giving the opportunity to go out to all outwards.
And most importantly - put a compress on the head, neck, bend of arms and legs, etc. The compress should not be too cold, as this can cause vascular collapse.
After all of the above, it is worth drinking the injured at room temperature. In case of violation of breathing, it is worth moistening the cotton wool with ammonia and bring to the nose several times very carefully.
After all this, it is worth providing the patient with peace and coolness. It is best to fan the victim with a towel or folder - everything that resembles and works on the principle of a fan. Among other things, you can wipe with vinegar or alcohol.
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