About World Franchise Associates

About WFA 

World Franchise Associates (WFA) is a leading international franchise sales, marketing, development, and advisory company.

Headquartered in London with international offices in strategic markets, WFA is owned and managed by a team of global franchise experts with many years of combined franchise development and franchise marketing experience.

Our Services

World Franchise Associates offers various franchise development, marketing, and support services to businesses or brands that are operating using a business format franchise model or desiring to start operating using a business format franchising model with the objective of using franchising as a means of building brand equity and shareholder and stakeholder value by growing the business and brand through domestic and/or international franchising creating revenue and a reliable and sustainable recurring income stream from royalties and the provision of products and services and achieving greater productivity and profitability as a result of improved economies of scale.

We also offer Investor Advisory Services that assist substantial companies and individuals with the acquisition of development rights for specific brands and Governmental and Institutional Programs, including comprehensive advisory services relating to franchise eco-system development and SME growth.

World Franchise Associates hosts WorldFranchiseCentre.com as the world’s foremost portfolio of international franchise development opportunities. Covering country, regional, multi-unit, master and area licenses, this site provides an overview of more than 200 brands operating in the food, retail, and service sectors seeking franchisees worldwide.