Crisp & Green on quest to open 130 units by 2024

Minnesota-based Crisp & Green is set to make its New York City debut in the NoMad neighborhood, marking entry into its tenth state. Ten additional states will open by year’s end, giving the brand 65 locations and 130 by 2024, according to Smiley Steele, founder and executive chairman of Crisp & Green and its parent company Steele Brands.

“Entering into New York City is a huge moment for any brand,” he said in a company press release. “For us, it’s an incredible opportunity to lean into our foundation of hospitality and show this influential community why Crisp & Green is different from other healthy fast casual restaurants. Not only are we introducing our delicious food to active New Yorkers, but we’re creating a unique guest experience through our wellness events hosted on the rooftop of our NoMad location. This unique element, along with our exceptional food and world-class hospitality, will make us a neighborhood staple.”

The rapid growth is fueled by Crisp & Green’s franchise system; the real estate team identified over 1,700 additional territories that fit the brand’s specific site criteria, giving the company room to maneuver in the pursuit of more than 1,000 units.

“From the smaller towns lacking healthy options to large cities that are craving something different, we are confident that Crisp & Green can fill a void in both,” Steele said in the release. “We’re actively seeking partners to join us in our mission to create a better future through wellness and food.”

Source: Fast Casual

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