Our Marketing & Representation (M & R) service is a comprehensive service offered to existing franchise businesses to support their international expansion using our omni-channel recruitment services and business network to identify qualified and capable master franchisees/area developers with focus on identifying candidates that meet a profile and criteria to be approved by the client.

  1. Omni-Channel Marketing Identifies Investor Candidates – Our relationships with franchise investors are our most invaluable resource to our clients. Our regional brand managers and support teams meet, evaluate and maintain ongoing communications with high net worth groups, sharing information on new brand opportunities.
  2. Candidates Qualified & Engaged – This process covers educating the candidate on the Franchisor’s business model and identifying those that best match the franchisor’s criteria and business values.
  3. Execution of Franchise Agreement – When the franchisor is satisfied that we have matched them with a qualified candidate a Letter of Intent is issued and the deposit paid. Once franchise agreement is completed, franchisee fees are paid, training is undertaken and the development of the international network commences.

Key elements of this program include:

  1. Databases – Our investor databases are researched, developed, refined and managed so that we are able to immediately announce franchise opportunities to the most qualified prospects in a target country.
  2. Website – World Franchise Centre showcases our client’s brands. It is the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of international franchise development opportunities, covering master, area development and multi-unit franchise licenses. This site provides an overview of brands operating in the food, retail and service sectors seeking franchisees worldwide.
  3. Print – Our World Franchise Review is a premium quality publication delivered to high net worth investors. Published annually it promotes the food, retail and service brands we represent.
  4. Electronic – Franspeak International is a monthly e-newsletter which briefs subscribers on signed deals worldwide, international franchising articles and featured franchise brands.
  5. Expos/Events – We attend over 20 franchise industry expos and events worldwide every year and we organize our own in-house franchise forums.
  6. International Discovery Meetings – We organize International Franchise Discovery Meetings with pre-screened and qualified investor operator candidates for selected client brands.
  7. Social Media – facebook.com/worldfranchiseassociatespage, linkedin.com/company/world-franchise-associates, twitter.com/franchiseintl