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Want to get fit, lose weight and finally reach your goals? Tough to find time to get to the gym? Hesitant to visit the gym in the first place? We get it. GYMGUYZ will bring the certified personal trainer, equipment and workout to you – at your home, office, place of business, even virtually! Workout more frequently and consistently, feel better, and transform your body. Change starts now.

GYMGUYZ delivers in-home personal trainers right to your door for customized one-on-one or group workouts in the privacy of your living room, backyard, or anywhere you choose! GYMGUYZ is #1 in Home Personal Training. We are a franchise company whose main focus is on one-on-one fitness, group sessions, and corporate fitness.

GYMGUYZ Unique Business Proposition:

  • Unique Business Model: Operate without a physical location, directly from your home or any starting point, with the possibility of being up and running swiftly.
  • World Of Convenience: 90% of people that have a gym membership don’t go. Treadmills become amazing clothing racks… People need accountability and this is what we do!
  • Industry Leadership: Be part of the #1 In- Home & On-Site  Personal Training franchise, changing lives with flexible, in-home fitness solutions.
  • Unmatched Training and Support: Benefit from extensive initial training and continuous support, ensuring your success from setup to daily operations.
  • Visibility and Branding: Leverage eye-catching branded vans that serve as moving billboards, enhancing local visibility.
  • Recurring Revenue: Enjoy a consistent income stream with clients engaging in frequent training sessions.
  • Scalability: Start small from home with minimal overhead and grow your business at your pace.
  • First To Market: GYMGUYZ was the first to market In-Home & On-Site personal training franchise. We have been changing lives for 16 years!  

About the GYMGUYZ:

Country of origin: United States
Year Founded: 2008
Date Franchising Commenced: 2014
Number of Outlets: 178

GYMGUYZ was founded in 2008 in Long Island, NY by Josh York, and after 6 years of solidifying the brand and overall concept, GYMGUYZ began offering franchise licenses in 2014. GYMGUYZ was invented, with a fully equipped van containing weights, resistance equipment, body bars, and so much more. The personal trainers would develop personalized exercise and nutrition programs designed to ensure clients achieve their fitness goals. To date, the brand is operational in 178 locations, servicing over 2k cities in the US, Canada and the UK.

GYMGUYZ Currently Operates in these Countries:

United Kingdom


GYMGUYZ Income Streams:

  • Individual Client Session Bookings
  • Group Class Trainings
  • Semi-Private Sessions
  • Corporate HR Wellness Packages
  • Meal Delivery
  • Recovery Services

GYMGUYZ Training & Support:

  • Franchise partners receive full-service support from start
  • Training offers 5 weeks of live virtual training, franchise partner will work with assigned FBC to launch their business
  • Training concludes in week 6 with 3 full days of in-person
  • Post-training continues after the franchise partner graduates to ensure their retention of information and use/understanding of the GYMGUYZ systems.

Type of Franchises Offered by GYMGUYZ Internationally:

  • Master Franchise Opportunities

Joining the GYMGUYZ family marks the beginning of an exciting journey in business ownership. Venturing into this path is a big step, yet you’re not on your own. Our commitment lies in offering comprehensive information and unwavering support to ensure you’re well-prepared to become part of our successful team. This opportunity allows you to shape your destiny, assist clients in achieving their fitness aspirations, and establish a prosperous venture within the leading In- Home & On-site Personal Training franchise.

GYMGUYZ Investor Profile:

Solid business experience, capital resources, team and client management, sales, marketing, and logistics skills are desired in regional franchisees.

GYMGUYZ Franchise Opportunities Available in these Countries:

Saudi Arabia
Middle East

Brand Manager: Martin Hancock – | +1-847-910-9150 

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Learn more about this franchise opportunity
Brand manager: Martin Hancock +1-847-910-9150
Learn more about this franchise opportunity
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