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World Franchise Associates (WFA) is a leading international franchise sales, marketing, development, and advisory company. Headquartered in London with international offices in strategic markets, WFA is owned and managed by a team of global franchise experts with many years of combined franchise development and franchise marketing experience. WFA is seeking International Associates and Business Referrers in key countries and regions worldwide.

About World Franchise Associates:

World Franchise Associates (WFA) offers various franchise development, marketing, and support services to businesses or brands that are operating using a business format franchise model or desiring to start operating using a business format franchising model with the objective of using franchising as a means of building brand equity and shareholder and stakeholder value by growing the business and brand through domestic and/or international franchising creating revenue and a reliable and sustainable recurring income stream from royalties and the provision of products and services and achieving greater productivity and profitability as a result of improved economies of scale.

WFA also offers Investor Advisory Services that assist substantial companies and individuals with the acquisition of development rights for specific brands and Governmental and Institutional Programs, including comprehensive advisory services relating to franchise eco-system development and SME growth.

WFA hosts as the world’s foremost portfolio of international franchise development opportunities. Covering country, regional, multi-unit, master and area licenses, this site provides an overview of more than 200 brands operating in the food, retail, and service sectors seeking franchisees worldwide.

About Our International Franchise Marketing & Sales Program:

Our Marketing & Representation (M & R) service is a comprehensive service offered to existing franchise businesses to support their international expansion using our omni-channel recruitment services and business network to identify qualified and capable master franchisees/area developers with focus on identifying candidates that meet a profile and criteria to be approved by the client.

  1. Omni-Channel Marketing Identifies Investor Candidates – Our relationships with franchise investors are our most invaluable resource to our clients. Our regional brand managers and support teams meet, evaluate and maintain ongoing communications with high net worth groups, sharing information on new brand opportunities.
  2. Candidates Qualified & Engaged – This process covers educating the candidate on the Franchisor’s business model and identifying those that best match the franchisor’s criteria and business values.
  3. Execution of Franchise Agreement – When the franchisor is satisfied that we have matched them with a qualified candidate a Letter of Intent is issued and the deposit paid. Once franchise agreement is completed, franchisee fees are paid, training is undertaken and the development of the international network commences.

About Our Franchise Development Programs:

  1. Franchise Readiness Review (FRR) – Our Franchise Readiness Review (FRR) Service is WFA’s “franchise-ability” assessment designed to help a successful brand determine where it stands in terms of its readiness to expand via franchising and what steps it needs to take to develop a successful franchise development business and model with the capability to launch a franchise marketing and recruitment campaign and recruit and retain domestic and international franchisees.
  2. Development & Marketing (D&M) Service – Our Development & Marketing (D & M) service is a service that WFA offers to existing franchise businesses who have already developed foundational systems, tools and processes to support their domestic development but require the additional systems, tools and processes necessary to support their international franchising and expansion initiatives. This service has Three key phases with the first 2 phases focusing on the development of materials needed to manage the initial franchise recruitment process and long-term franchise relationship with international master franchisees or area developers respectively. The 3rd phase of this service is our standard Franchise Marketing & Sales Program detailed above.
  3. Franchise Development Program (FDP) Service – Our Franchise Development Program (FDP) Service is WFA’s comprehensive development program made up of all the key elements required for a successful brand to become, in addition to a successful operator, a successful franchisor capable of launching a franchise marketing and recruitment campaign and recruiting domestic and international franchisees. Upon completion of the FDP a brand will be able to effectively introduce and equip the franchisees with the their “system” and prepare them to open and operate your outlets Client including comprehensive pre-opening, opening and ongoing support. This services also includes our standard Franchise Marketing & Sales Program detailed above.
  4. International Development Support (IDS) Service – Our International Development Support (IDS) Service is an optional service that WFA can offer to a Client in conjunction with any of the other services introduced above and involves WFA providing operational oversight and management support to the Client in connection with new market entry and opening preparations for a new country or territory which is opening as a result of Client entering into a Master Franchise Agreement (MFA) or Area Development Agreement (ADA).

About Our Franchise Investor Advisory Program:

A comprehensive 3-step franchise advisory service designed to help companies or high net worth individuals to identify, evaluate and secure master or area development franchise or license rights for their country or region for brands.

  1. Development of Franchise Developer Profile
  2. Evaluation of and Introduction to Franchise Brands
  3. Acquisition of Development Rights

The correct Franchisee Developer Profile and approach is critical to attracting the attention of Franchisors as they require a unique set of qualification criteria necessary to engage serious interest from their brands. We understand the process and the key qualification criteria required by Franchisors and can assist prospective Franchise Developers with the key steps involved in the acquisition of master or area development franchise or license rights for their country or region.

About Our Governmental and Institutional Franchise Programs:

Franchising is a widely accepted method for growing SME’s as it covers almost every business sector. Franchising allows local businesses and entrepreneurs to start new enterprises, contributing to GDP and employment and growth, under the protective umbrella of a proven franchised model.

WFA has developed programs ranging from 2-day franchisee education seminars to National Franchise Launch and Activation initiatives covering all aspects of economic growth through franchising.

About Our Referral Program:

WFA offers an attractive referral program which rewards individuals and companies who introduce WFA to potential franchisors or to brands who may be interested in WFA’s other services as detailed above. All this program requires from you as a referrer is that you make a written introduction to a potential candidate/client after which WFA will do all the work and share a percentage of any commission or sale if we are successful in concluding a transaction.

Potential Income Streams for WFA Associates:

  • Share of sales revenue from sale of Franchise Marketing & Sales Programs to established franchisors.
  • Share of sales revenue from sale of Franchise Development Programs to potential franchisors.
  • Share of sales revenue for sale of Franchise Advisory Services to potential master franchisees or area developers.
  • Share of commission revenue for franchise agreements finalised between franchisors and franchisees.

World Franchise Associates Training & Support:

WFA provides new Associates with an introduction/orientation program which provides the Associate with the information and materials necessary to enable the Associate to effectively promote World Franchise Associates services in their country or territory.

The WFA introduction/orientation program is conducted by a WFA Director who is also a member of the the WFA sales team and the Nominated Director will act as the first point of contact and mentor for the associate throughout the relationship.

Type of Agreements Offered by World Franchise Associates Internationally:

  • Exclusive Associates Agreements
  • Non-Exclusive Associates Agreements
  • Franchise Specialists Associates Agreements
  • Business Referral Agreements

World Franchise Associates International Associate Profile:

  • Has a foundational understanding of franchising as a business format.
  • Has a good understanding of the local franchise industry and key industry players.
  • Has ideally worked in franchising with a franchisor or franchisee or as a consultant.
  • Has strong interpersonal and sales skills.
  • Has an entrepreneurial spirt and is self motivated.
  • Has strong values and integrity.

World Franchise Associates International Business Referrer Profile:

  • No experience required. You make the introduction and WFA does all the work.

World Franchise Associates is Seeking Associate Partners in these Countries & Regions:

South Korea
Indian Subcontinent
Middle East

Brand Manager: Troy Franklin – | +60-19-210-1909

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Learn more about this franchise opportunity
Brand manager: Troy Franklin +60-19-210-1909
Learn more about this franchise opportunity
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