Middle East dining chain Azkadenya launches Australian franchise

Azkadenya, a Middle Eastern restaurant chain, is launching into the Aussie market and is seeking franchisees.

Omar Tabbaa, CEO of the Eat Restaurant Group, and Zaid Abu-Soud founded the restaurant, which embraces Middle Eastern culture, cuisine and hospitality.

The vibrant brand serves signature dishes in a retro atmosphere, reminiscent of the region’s 1950s advertising.

It is one of nine brands in the Eat Restaurant Group, which is part of global organisation Endeavor, an investment network that supports entrepreneurs.

The first Azkadenya restaurant opened in Amman, Jordan in 2011. Today the business operates 12 outlets across United Arab Emirates, Saudia Arabia, Qatar, Palestine, Iraq, and Canada.

Azkadenya launches Australian franchise into under-represented market

Abu-Soud said “We have conducted extensive research with our strategic partner DC Strategy and with our experience in entering new markets, we are committed to finding and supporting fantastic franchise partners.

“We are looking for experienced and motivated master franchise partners and are also speaking with individual franchisees in key markets across Australia. We can’t wait to bring our unique offer to the Australian masses!’

DC Strategy believes there is potential for the immersive fast casual dining experience to flourish in an under-represented market.

The restaurant offers multi-stream income options using ghost kitchens.

Source: Franchise Executives

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