Nathan’s Famous Spreads Hot Dog Happiness Worldwide with New Store Openings

Nathan’s Famous, the iconic fast-casual hot dog chain, is embarking on an ambitious international expansion. It plans to establish its presence in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Egypt, and Ukraine by the end of 2024. The move comes as part of the brand’s strategy to meet the growing demand for its classic New York-style hot dogs worldwide.

Currently operating in 19 countries, Nathan’s Famous aims to solidify its global footprint through strategic franchise agreements. In Brazil, the brand boasts four franchised restaurants and 16 kiosks in convenience stores and gas stations, marking significant strides. Guided by master franchisee Alix Flit, Nathan’s Famous aims to open more sub-franchise locations nationwide this year.

In the UK, master franchisees Reza Aghajanzadeh and Brad Armitage have successfully launched one franchised location outside London. Nathan’s Famous is gearing up for a big expansion in Britain, teaming up with a virtual kitchen to enhance delivery services in London.

Nathan’s Famous is expanding in the Middle East, with plans to open virtual kitchens in the United Arab Emirates by year-end. The brand also eyes the Dominican Republic, with plans to introduce franchised locations at the Punta Cana Airport.

While expanding globally, Nathan’s Famous is simultaneously announcing new locations in key U.S. markets, including New York, Florida, Arizona, New Jersey, and Indianapolis. The brand is actively strengthening its presence both internationally and domestically.

“Prior to introducing Nathan’s Famous to Brazil, quality hot dogs were hard to come by,” Flit remarked. “With Nathan’s, we aim to revolutionize the hot dog scene in Brazil, paving the way for a new culinary legacy.”

Nathan’s Famous, spreading New York flavor worldwide, is set to make a mark in global fast-casual dining in 2024.

SOURCE: The Franchise Talk 

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