Network Lead Exchange Expands With Master License in the United Arab Emirates

Network Lead Exchange™ announced today the recent signing of a master license agreement for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As part of the agreement, Dubai resident Alek Morozov is overseeing Network Lead Exchange’s franchise development across the UAE and has already established the brand’s flagship chapter in the region. Just like in the United States, each chapter customizes their own network name. Morozov has named his first chapter “Dubai First,” indicating his intention to establish Network Lead Exchange in the city.

“Business is booming in the UAE, making it an ideal country for Network Lead Exchange. “We’re excited to have Alek as part of the Network Lead Exchange family, representing us in the UAE, and look forward to his future success with our brand,” said Austin Titus, President of Network Lead Exchange.

Alek Morozov has over 23 years of experience working for a global technology company as a mechanical engineer where he has served in a variety of managerial roles. He has visited over 30 countries and lived in Russia, the Sultanate of Oman, the U.S., and France before moving to Dubai in late 2022.

“In an environment like Dubai where there are countless businesses and start-ups, it’s easy to get lost without a network. Network Lead Exchange offers an exclusive networking group that’s formed around flexibility – a model very different from what’s traditional and currently available in the market,” said Alek.

Network Lead Exchange features a hybrid meeting format, offering both virtual and in-person meetings so people can stay active even if they can’t attend meetings in person. Additionally, through its proprietary technology platform, members can communicate, send referrals, and even send commissions through a virtual wallet. “Network Lead Exchange’s hybrid model helps reduce costs and time spent so members can put those resources back into their business,” added Alek.

Network Lead Exchange brings together businesses, business owners, and consumers to share leads that help grow their networks and their companies. It is part of the Starpoint Brands™ family of trusted companies, a division of United Franchise Group™ (UFG), representing the very best in its industry and the mark of quality for customers, providing the ultimate in service, reliability, and value.

Source: Franchising.com

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