International Franchise Marketing & Sales Program

WFA’s Marketing & Advisory (M & A) service is a comprehensive service we offer to existing franchise businesses to support their international expansion using our multi-channel marketing and recruitment services and business network to identify qualified and capable master franchisees/area developers. The program focuses on identifying candidates that meet a profile and criteria to be approved by the client.

  1. Multi-Channel Marketing Identifies Qualified Franchise Candidates – Our relationship with franchise candidates is an invaluable resource for our clients. Our brand managers and support teams meet, evaluate and maintain ongoing communications with high-net-worth groups, sharing information on new brand opportunities.
  2. Franchise Candidates Engaged & Qualified – This process covers educating the franchise candidate on the client’s brand and business model and identifying franchise candidates that best match the client’s franchise candidate criteria including financial criteria and alignment with the franchisor’s vision and values.
  3. Deal Progressed & Finalised – When the client is satisfied that the franchise candidate is qualified, a Letter of Intent is signed and an initial deposit is paid. Thereafter, the franchise agreement is executed, franchisee fees are paid and market entry planning commences.
    Key elements of our M&A program include:
  4. Website – The World Franchise Centre is the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of international franchise development opportunities, covering master, area development, and multi-unit franchise licenses with an overview of brands seeking franchise candidates worldwide. Our clients have a dedicated brand profile on World Franchise Centre created using key information and materials that we obtain from clients.
  5. Database Marketing – Our franchise candidate databases are researched, developed, refined, and managed so that we can immediately announce franchise opportunities to qualified and capable franchise candidate prospects in target countries. This includes the promotion of franchise opportunities through circulating our Franchise Alert e-flyers and by direct contact and personal emails to targeted franchise candidates.
  6. Electronic – FranSpeak International e-newsletter is circulated monthly featuring international franchise development news and articles. We prioritize international news from our clients and we feature client interviews. FranSpeak has a section featuring new clients who have recently joined our M&A program.
  7. Expos/Events – We collaborate with leading international event organizers and franchise associations for major franchise industry expos and events worldwide. Our participation at these expos and events includes high-visibility pavilions and booth spaces in prominent locations where we promote our clients. Additionally, clients have an opportunity to exhibit with us at most events. Our collaboration gives us networking and speaking opportunities not available to other exhibitors. We also participate in networking and business matching events in targeted countries.
  8. International Discovery Meetings – We organize International Franchise Discovery Meetings for our clients in target countries scheduling one-to-one meetings with pre-screened and qualified franchise candidates.
  9. Social Media – We use our Social Media platform (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) to announce and promote franchise opportunities with our client brands and to promote other activities including events and discovery meetings.
  10. Advisory Services – Our M&A program includes advisory and consultancy services designed to help with the franchise candidate recruitment process including advice and assistance with the development of international franchise development and recruitment strategy.

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